‘Gilmore Girls’: 3 Ways Lorelai Gilmore and Anna Nardini Were the Same Character

Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and Anna Nardini (Sherilyn Fenn) did not go ahead. Gilmore’s daughters. But, in many ways, they were very similar. So together, of course, they were largely of the same character.

Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham on 'Gilmore Girls'
Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham forward Gilmore’s daughters | Mitchell Haddad / CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

Who is Anna Nardini?

Anna used to have Luke Danes (Scott Patterson). They had a daughter, April Nardini (Vanessa Marano), whom Luke discovered only about 12 years later.

April came to Luke’s Diner to get a DNA sample from him. She revealed the identity of her biological father at her school’s science fair. Luke only looked to learn that he was indeed April’s father.

Sherilyn Fenn at the 2017 'Twin Peaks' UK Festival
Sherilyn Fenn at the 2017 Two tops UK Festival Amy T. Zielinski / Getty Images

Luke did not tell Lorelai about April. Meanwhile, Lorelai went ahead with planning their wedding. That’s until she found out about April and Luke suggested they put their nuptials off.

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