‘General Hospital’: The Interesting Way Haley Pullos Can Relate to Molly Lansing

Although a relatively young actress, Haley Pullos is a 10-year veteran of the all-day soap opera, General Hospital. For years, she has played the legacy character Molly Lansing on the ABC television series. There are a lot of similarities with Pullos and her character, and she opened up about one in particular in a new interview.

Haley Pullos
Haley Pullos | David Livingston / Getty Images

Haley Pullos as Molly Lansing on ‘General Hospital’

Pullos has been representing Molly since 2009. As the daughter of Alexis Davis and Ric Lansing, she is a member of the Corinthos and Cassadine families. The character has two half-sisters, Kristina Davis and Sam McCall, who are both older sisters through her Alexis.

At a time when Molly was very early in the show’s age and Pullos was taking on the role, most of her stories were related to those of Kristina, as well as her cousins ​​Michael and Morgan Corinthos. (who were also brothers to Kristina). However, taking turns in the later years, she begins to fall in love with her close friend, TJ Ashford. Pullos was once a member of a treaty but has reappeared over and over again in the last several years.

She is the only one left in Los Angeles because when she became an adult, her parents decided to leave the city. This is something that is inspiring for this actress and allowed her to learn more about herself.

“I was really happy to be on my own … but not because I was sick with my family in any way! ”She said. “I knew this was what I wanted. Honestly, I found myself completely alone. ”

The drawing by Pullos de Molly has been popular with fans, and because of its similarity to the character, that tends to allow her to connect with the show ‘s audience even more.

General Hospital weekly airs on ABC.

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