‘General Hospital’ Rumor: Is Fan-Favorite Billy Miller Returning As Drew Cain

Is it possible that Billy Miller is returning to a soap opera? It was the last home of a veteran of three shows General Hospital, and one report states that there is excitement that he may return.

Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco
Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco Rick Rowell / Walt Disney TV via Getty Images

Billy Miller is a mainstay of television during the day

Miller has held three major roles on three different soap operas in his career. The actor was first sacked by Richie Novak All my children in 2007. He played the character for over a year before Novak was killed. In 2008, the same year his character was killed All My Children, Miller came in The young and the rest as a remake for a legacy character, Billy Abbott. The show was a hit (something that is sometimes not true for a repeat of much of the time) and played Billy until 2014.

The actor landed on his third show, banging General Hospital the same year he passed away The young and the rest. He turned off General Hospital as a remake for another legacy character, Jason Morgan. But when Steve Burton, originally played by Morgan, returned to the show in 2017, the version of the character played by Miller was reverted to a different character. His character has been revealed to be Morgan’s twin brother, named Drew Cain. In 2019, Miller announced he would be leaving General Hospital.

Miller doesn’t have official social media accounts and can only communicate with fans on his manager’s Twitter when he has something he wants to say. Talking about how he got away from the soap, Miller release message says:

With a little sad air, it’s time to think about what “Blessing” means. But, instead of living on the past and being sure of getting lost, there is another way. Our blessing may be a reminder of felt love, a love of shared life, and the lifelong memories that come from being absorbed and received. May our blessing be a sincere hope for the clearest way forward for all of us. Now, instead of sadness, I am full of gratitude for your support, encouragement, and all the feelings shared. I love the trip we took together. Thank you for allowing me into your home and life. With every ounce of myself, I thank you for being yourself. I would be anxious in this subtle, invisible world that we are all so fond of if I did not insist that it may be our true blessing … UNTIL Next Next TIME

All My Love,

Billy Miller.

A report says there is some excitement that he could return to Port Charles

The website Famous dirty laundry states that there is some excitement that Drew Cain ‘s character could be written back to the show soon. The exit asks if Miller would return or if the role could be redesigned.

“It makes sense to consider that it could be a key part of Peter August’s (Wes Ramsey) redemption arc, which is also likely to happen,” the report read. General Hospital they could redesign Drew ‘s part, but some fans feel that it would not be the same. Should the show do anything they need to do to get Billy Miller back? ”

The rumor about Miller being able to return is part of the bigger idea of ​​reviving Sam McCall’s love life. The show just broke Sam and Jason. He also seems to like the idea of ​​Sam and Dante Falconeri being together.

“With the right price and some great promises, maybe TPTB could make it happen! the report continues. “If Drew walked back to Sam’s life, it seems like a good idea she’d come back with him. Fans of “dreaming” would like to see this couple have a real chance. It would be great to see the onscreen chemistry of Monaco and Miller as well. Whatever the case, there’s room for Drew on canvas if GH wants to slip Miller back into him. As other news comes in, we’ll give you updates. ”

General Hospital weekly airs on ABC.

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