‘General Hospital: Julian Jerome Was Just Killed off, But William DeVry Felt the Exit Coming Over a Year Ago

General HospitalJulian Jerome has seen his final day. Although the character has now been killed from the show, actor William deVry has felt like he’s been on the trail for a while.

PASADENA, CA – CENTER 14: Actor William DeVry arrives at the ABC TCA “Winter News Tour 2015” red carpet on January 14, 2015 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Amanda Edwards / WireImage)

William deVry as Julian Jerome on ‘General Hospital’

DeVry started playing Julian in 2013. It was interesting that he joined General Hospital as he is a veteran of soap opera and had had many soap operas during the previous day. Previously General Hospital, the actor Michael Cambias played air All my children. It aired from 2003 to 2004. deVry also played Storm Logan Heavy and Beautiful from 2006 to 2008 and shortly again in 2012.

Julian was introduced first General Hospital in 1988. It was first played by Jason Culp, who played the role until 1990. No one played the character again until he was re-introduced by deVry. Julian is the son of crime boss Victor Jerome and the brother of Evan Jerome and Olivia St. John. Julian and Olivia struggled to take control of the family crime syndicate during the days of Jason Culp.

The new Julian, as played by deVry, was part of the show bringing back the Jeromes as they had already introduced the character’s youngest half-sister, Ava Jerome. First, Julian came to town under the name Derek Wells. As time went on, it was revealed that it was Julian. They have a love-hate relationship as sisters. Julian also competes with Sonny Corinthos, with whom Ava was once involved. Since deVry’s stop, Olivia Falconeri has had most of Julian’s romances with Alexis Davis. Julian and Olivia have a son, Leo Falconeri, and the biological father of Alexis’ daughter is Sam Morgan.

William deVry talks about his journey as Julian Jerome

In a new interview with the Grian Toronto, deVry talked about everything to do with leaving the show. According to the actor, he “personally felt” his way out coming up in September 2019.

“I didn’t see much investment in the character,” he said to some extent, noting the romantic pairs of the character couldn’t go anywhere and the show wasn’t for the couple they prefer to repair Julexis (Julian and Alexis). “At the time, I just felt I should prepare to not be re-signed. I had never told Frank [Valentini] so that I would not string them once they knew I was gone. And as he believes it, let me know. It’s possible he wasn’t as big ‘me’ per se. It may have been the cost of COVID-19. Or it could have been a story. They just had to tell another story and I was the medium of that story. I will never know. ”

Fans of soap opera mean a lot to William deVry

DeVry also spoke about the show’s audience, as it has garnered a huge following with soap opera fans. Viewers of the show particularly praise his presence on social media.

“I think the fan base understands that I really take sh * t,” she said. “I feel the pain, I watch the show and think about how they would do it from a fan perspective. I think half the time they don’t feel heard. And I think I’m showing them that I hear them. I try to use my platform to tell the truth as I see it. I will not spin conspiracy theories. I am one of them. ”

At the end of the day, he says this is not the end for him and the show’s fan. “I also think the fans know when to give it your all or not. And I always was, ”he said. “Whether I took a look or not, I didn’t try. I miss them all, but this is not a farewell. They will see me on other shows and other charitable events. I love them all. “

General Hospital weekly airs on ABC.

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