From ‘The Good Place’ Finale to ‘I May Destroy You’: 2020 TV Explored What It Means to Be a Good Person

From ‘The Good Place’ Finale to ‘I May Destroy You’: 2020 TV explored what it means to be a good person.

The series almost killed us at the end of the ‘Good Place’ and sent us to the afterlife

Exhibitions with early 2020 funding will hit us hard. Fear-eich BoJack and The good place both ended – on their own terms – in January 2020.

William Jackson Harper as Chidi and Kristen Bell as Eleanor in The Good Place Season 4 Episode "Once You Are Done"
William Jackson Harper as Chidi and Kristen Bell as Eleanor in The good place Season 4 program entitled “Anytime You’re Ready” Colleen Hayes / NBC

Perhaps no sequence is more vague in the study of “goodness” than The good place;; one of the main characters, Chidi, is an ethical expert, who spends a good chunk of the show specifically teaching his colleagues after life about things like the trolley problem.

Even the characters, like Eleanor, who was bad on the ground, get in The good place that they will get a second chance. Throughout the seasons, Eleanor, Chidi, and their team definitely get a ton of extra chances at the good place – and then, the bad one too. It will also be relevant effectively in later seasons, always asking the question: is it possible to be a good citizen / human under a system of capitalism? (The “points” system is a good place to look at that.

However, the characters – for the most part – use these extra opportunities for good. By the end of the series, The good place characters have actually evolved into better people. Even if they all (spoiler warning) use that growth to find the peace to die.

‘BoJack Horseman’ ended season 6

Fear-eich BoJack examines the issue in a more advanced way – even if a Netflix cartoon doesn’t always appear like that on the surface. The show that started off season 1 is something like a memory Family Guy and other crass animated shows, which evolved over his several seasons into a show that dealt with major themes such as alcohol, depression, grief and trauma.

Princess Carolyn on BoJack Horseman |  Netflix
Princess Carolyn on Fear-eich BoJack Quarter 6 Netflix

Before the last season of BoJack, all the characters go through. BoJack, overheard by Will Arnett is trying to figure out how to be a good horse who is an addict with a stormy, difficult history. Princess Carolyn is trying to be a good chat-mom to her porcupine baby, while she is also trying everything, with her career. Diane tries to write out her “story” in a memoir – but she realizes that trauma is not always transformative, or needs to be put in a best-selling book. . Sometimes life just sucks. (Isn’t that perfect for 2020?)

Yes, the world is wacky – but still earnest and true in its image of world struggle. Also, the jokes about LA are just perfect.

‘Schitt’s Creek’ also streams the 6 seasons on Netflix

And all that was before the pandemic began.

Schitt’s Creek also on its final season, which began streaming on Netflix in 2020. The show is a masterpiece in character development; the Rose family is almost unrecognizable in season 6 compared to the pilot program.

Schitt’s Creek trying to make fun of “being the concept of a good person; how to be – or at least, seem – good in a small town, fallen from grace as a formerly wealthy socialist.

But the show gets a lot deeper – and more romantic than that over 6 seasons. And that is something we need in these difficult times.

Other 2020 TV options

Michaela Coel on I May Destroy You
Michaela Coel forward I can destroy you | Natalie Seery / HBO

Honorary mentions include the Comedy Central exhibition Corporal, which started his 3rd and final season in 2020. Very similar The good place, the series explores how you can be a good person within a broken, heavy-handed system. Last season also has an interesting bout of depression, well worth a look.

I can destroy you maybe not counting – but it was so good and relevant we had to pick it up. (It started, and may end in 2020). how you can do your best in a difficult, complicated society where everyone you know also hurts.

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