‘Friends’ Star Jennifer Aniston Nearly Got a Major ‘NCIS’ Role That She Would Have Hated

When it comes to the FriendHer alumni, Jennifer Aniston, were arguably the most successful and enduring acting career after the sitcom hit last season in 2004.

Making the leap from the small screen to the big screen, Aniston was able to show the world that she could play more than just fashion lover, Rachel Green. How would things have been different for Aniston, however, if she had stayed in the world of television for a while longer? Friends?

Jennifer Aniston was interested in getting involved with ‘NCIS’

Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of 'Dumplin'
Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of ‘Dumplin’ | Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

In the early 2000s TV landscape, you couldn’t have been on two more different shows than Friends and NCIS. One is a sitcom that revolves around the old-fashioned day-to-day ideas of a group of NYC twenty-one, and the other is an impressive policing approach centered around the representatives who work for Service. Naval Criminal Investigation.

Mar Friends circling his last season, it was undoubtedly a time of great decisions for the six main members of the show. The end of a successful and successful series is always a time of uncertainty for their stars as they decide what roles they can play, and whether they can recover from being under their long-term roles. and exploring other characters and genres.

Part reports Aniston’s views on the role of Agent Caitlin (Kate) Todd NCIS.

Jennifer Aniston rejects ‘NCIS’ because of ‘Friends’

While there are unconfirmed reports of Aniston’s interest in the role of Special Agent Todd, one thing is for sure, there was no way she could join the team while keeping her promise for the season. finally Friends. If the show had wanted to take Aniston on board, the production had to wait for a film until next year, when she finally put her role as Rachel Green to bed.

Agent Todd’s career went to actress Sasha Alexander, but her time on the show was not short-lived. After two seasons on NCIS, the character was killed at Alexander ‘s request.

“I had already started writing the last program of the season and was preparing to go to Australia for a break. Sasha came in two days before I was leaving, and with tears in her eyes, she said, ‘I can’t work this hard,’ “said the show’s creator and executive representative Donald P. Bellisario at the time of Alexander’s departure.

Jennifer Aniston went from rom-coms to drama

Jennifer Aniston at the 30th Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
Jennifer Aniston | Michael Tran / FilmMagic

What could have happened to Aniston and NCIS if she had taken the role of Agent Todd and stuck to the same grim record that Alexander would never know. She might have stayed with the series for years, she might have been gone even faster.

NCIS they wouldn’t have changed Aniston’s popularity – fans love the characters on display and Aniston would have been hugely popular. Her career; however, it would have changed.

Aniston had a series of successful romantic comedy films in the 2000s beginning with her pair with Jim Carrey in the 2003 film, Bruce Almighty.

In another successful romantic comedy with a strong team of stars, Aniston fell out with Alexander in the 2009 film It’s just that that’s not up to you. The two were bridesmaids at their sister’s wedding, which led Aniston’s character to question her relationship with her longtime boyfriend (Ben Affleck).

After decades of humorous work, with a bit of impressive work exploded here and there, Aniston showed the last world that she had some amazing bad chops when she got involved in the place of a woman who suffering from a chronic illness in her 2014 film, Cake.

Aniston has recently returned to television, but the medium is very different from when it left in 2004. The lines of film and television are darkening, as are comedy and drama, and The morning show one of the best examples of this. While the show is full of famous comedians (such as Steve Carell), it falls firmly on the side of drama and shows that these stars have a lot more high quality work, and they want to continue. work and create for years to come.

Aniston said Variety of small screen content: “It wasn’t until the last two years when these streaming services were just a kind of explosion with this level of quality that I started to think, ‘Wow, that’ s better than I just did. ‘And then you see what’s available out there and it just shrinks and shrinks in terms of, it’s Marvel’s great movies. Or things I don’t want to do or really are interested in living on a green screen. ”

If quality content is what Aniston is looking for and Marvel doesn’t make the cut, it’s very likely the actor would have been happy. NCIS and lasted 18 seasons.

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