‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’: Will Smith Said He Outgrew His Character — It Was a ‘Regression’

Will Smith is a heavyweight in Hollywood, a star of big movies as well as a music mogul.

First rising to fame as a rapper, Smith achieved fame with his popular TV show Prince Fresh Bel-Air. After his success as a star of the series, Smith was able to move on to films such as Independence Day, Bad boys, and Men in black, creating a film empire that remains extremely prosperous to this day.

However, Smith had not always said things about the character in which he was playing Prince Fresh Bel-Air, and once described acting in the show as a “withdrawal.”

When was Will Smith born?

Actor Will Smith
Actor Will Smith Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

Will Smith was born in Pennsylvania in 1968. As a child, Smith was intelligent and athletic, but was largely drawn to a career in music. He started rapping in the mid-eighties, forming a group with his good friend Jeffrey “DJ Jazzy Jeff” Townes.

The two toured around Pennsylvania, and then took their show on the road, playing gigs all over the United States. By the late 1980s, Smith was known for his success in music – but some income tax problems threatened to take him away.

In 1990, Smith discovered a fresh start when he was cast in a modern TV series, Prince Fresh Bel-Air. The series, which was largely based on Smith’s own youth and adolescence, became a major hit and was tasked with launching his acting career.

‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ was a big hit

Forward Prince Fresh Bel-Air, Will Smith played a street teenager from Philadelphia, who is sent to live with his wealthy friends after getting involved in some neighborhood fights. Playing a character of the same name, Smith undergoes a number of cultural shifts as he tries to adapt to the welfare lifestyle of his aunt.

Prince Fresh Bel-Air last run for six successful seasons. During his time as a star of the series, Smith began to find great demand for film roles, including big budget flicks like Six levels of separation and Bad boys. Smith established a reputation as a brutal, sassy main man, able to move effortlessly from action star status to romantic scenes.

There is no doubt that he succeeded in Prince Fresh Bel-Air he had a lot to do with establishing his presence in Hollywood – yet, as Smith later revealed, he had some doubts about the appearance of such an unusual character in the hit series.

What did Will Smith say about the character he played in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’?

In 1996, Will Smith was terminating his tenancy Prince Fresh Bel-Air, and was preparing to climb to Hollywood image status. It seems as if the star would certainly be ready to spend his time on television behind him, at least based on his ideas. Ebony iris.

According to an interview given by Smith that year, it did not feel like his part. Prince Fresh Bel-Air a true representation of his personality: “My life experience is so far beyond the character’s life experiences. It was almost a distraction for me to play the character. ”

Despite how he felt about the series at the time, his emotions aren’t all bad – Smith, along with some of the show’s original set, is ready to return to the small screen in the next -a greatly anticipated meeting Prince Fresh Bel-Air. The special, which will be broadcast over the Thanksgiving weekend, will feature interviews, reminiscences, and special surprises that are sure to delight fans of the original series.

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