Former ‘Big Brother’ Champ Josh Martinez Reveals Why He Didn’t Return for Season 22

Big Brother 19 Winner Josh Martinez appeared ready to return for season 22, the first season of the stars since 2006. However, he did not appear as part of the team and has remained silent in the situation. Week before BB22 finale, the old champ revealed why he didn’t compete in the season.

Big Brother 19 star Josh Martinez celebrates his win
‘Big Brother 19’ star Josh Martinez celebrates his win | Johnny Vy

Josh Martinez won ‘Big Brother 19’

Three years ago, Josh Martinez of Miami descent joined a team Big Brother 19 and quickly became a target because of his emotional feelings. In addition, he would often get involved in several arguments with various house complaints, making it difficult for him to have friends.

However, he began working with Christmas Abbott and returning player Paul Abrahamian. After finding out how Paul was threatening every vote, Josh began to expose his friend’s lies in his greeting messages.

However, Josh and Kaycee returned home, voicing rumors that the two had been rejected because they had the virus. Plus, before they went to LA, the friends recently finished filming The Challenge 35 and posted videos of themselves partying for a few weeks without a mask in Miami.

While in the house, Janelle Pierzina repeatedly said that the two contracted the virus, and were fired.

Josh Martinez revealed why he didn’t return for ‘Big Brother 22’

While fans have been constantly asking the duo why they didn’t compete in the star season, none of them answered the question. In an Oct. 21 Instagram Q&A, Josh explained that he was thrown at it BB22, but production “Draw” to him at the last minute because of what he says was a false COVID test.

Even though the news was troubling at the time, the BB19 Camp noted that he believes “everything happens for a reason” and is “grateful” for the opportunities he has received. If Josh had participated in the star-studded season, several fans speculate that there might have been more fights in the season.

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Other than that, he said yes “Came together” with outliers Kaysar Ridha and Janelle as well as Da’Vonne Rogers, on which he competed The challenge along with last year. The current winner will keep up with the show and share their thoughts on social media.

After the program before the start of the deadline, Josh noted that he thinks Cody Calafiore is going to be the winner in the second All-Stars season. Big Brother 22 last flight October 28, 2020, at 9 / 8c on CBS.

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