Food Network Fans Are Furious About the Lack of Holiday Cooking Reruns

Food Network is a classic comfort program for many people. During the holiday season, many spectators flock to the Food Network to learn tips and tricks on how you can make the busiest baking season of the year go as smoothly as possible. From Ree Drummond’s methods to “slowing down” the rest of Thanksgiving Day to Giada de Laurentiis ’easy, healthy recipes for party bidders, there’s always plenty to include on the Food Network. However, some fans recently took to Reddit, saying that this year the network has been downgraded in one major way.

Food Network is famous for many holiday baking displays

The Food Network was established in 1993, and over the years, has launched a wide variety of food themed displays. In the early years of the network, most viewers were probably gearing up for their tutorial programming, learning how to prepare different flavors from well-trained chefs. However, these days, the network also hosts many baking competitions, ensemble cooking demonstrations, and other fun demonstrations that prove that the Food Network is willing and able to thrive. There’s even an app that offers behind-the-scenes programming and interviews with many of your favorite chefs and Food Network personalities.

The Food Network is perhaps best known for holiday cooking and baking demonstrations. After all, for many, the holidays are a time to celebrate food, and many people spend more time in the kitchen during the holiday season than at any other time of the year. From Holiday Baking Competition to Buddy vs. Christmas, everyone gets something seasonal to celebrate on the Food Network.

The Food Network traditionally features a lot of holiday-themed reruns

With the holiday season only a few months out of the year, the Food Network has begun to feature a plethora of holiday treats starting in late October. Just after Halloween winds down, viewers can enjoy displays featuring Thanksgiving food prep and a Christmas dessert gathering, almost simultaneously.

Still, in a recent Reddit thread, fans opened up about how the Food Network seems to distance itself further from here, choosing instead to rely on a lot of shows in competition style.

What did fans say about the recent lack of holiday cooking at the Food Network?

“It’s the weekend before Christmas. Where are the Christmas events (NON-competition) ?! ”The original poster on it Reddit said. “Sadly, FN, you have a YEAR of wonderful Christmas themed demonstrations from years ago, showing us 1,000 recipes how. Instead, you decide to show a GGG marathon, DDD, and look forward to a marathon holiday bakery show tomorrow. This is the USA weekend cooks of all levels looking for HOLIDAY inspiration, comfort and maybe a little nostalgia. The competition is not showing that we will see EVERYTHING! ”

Fans came in quickly, with the majority agreeing with the idea, and expressing the desire to see more traditional holiday programs, rather than competition-style shows. One poster called Food Network is out, saying that the network is now a “game show channel”, while another jokes that the Food Network should change its name to “Competitive Cooking Channel . While most fans agreed with the original poster, call-outs are out as Guy’s Grocery Games and Diners, Drive-Ins, and divers as a “true fill”, there was little to defend the channel’s decision, expressing their love for competition shows in general.

In the end, it looks like the Food Network is doing well to re-evaluate the line of holiday programs in 2021 as some fans start to become dissatisfied with their choices.

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