Famous Screen Killers Lady Gaga Studied to Play The Countess in ‘AHS’

Previously American Horror Story: Hotel, Lady Gaga appeared That’s City 2: Dame to Kill for and Machete kills, but her role as the Countess in Ryan Murphy’s anthology marked her first significant attempt at acting. And, by easily capturing the ruthless, bloodthirsty, sexual vampire he won the Golden Globe for the “Shallow” singer. Gaga prepared heavily for the role, examining a few memorable killers on screen to discover her character.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga | Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Variety noting that Ryan Murphy wanted Gaga ‘s character to be “more of a bitch, more sensible, more relaxed.” And, Gaga began to make such a part appear “without effort. ”So she studied some of the greatest on-screen murderers in cinematic history. She studied Anthony Bkins’ Norman Bates from Pyscho and Anthony Hopkins’ Lecter Hannibal de The silence of the lambs. She also studied Robert Durst from An Jinx – a six-part documentary series that followed one million suspects (but never charged) of three killings. So let’s take a look at each one.

Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates in ‘Psycho’

Psycho laying the foundation for the many psychological thrushes with complex endings that would follow the same. Hitchcock’s main work was portraying Perkins as a man with Dissociative Identity Disorder (then known as the multiple personality disorder). As the final moments of the film showed, he dressed like his mother and her dead body was still embalmed in the fruit cellar.

Despite the upheaval and murder, Bates was very calm and gathered as a hotel manager. It could be both charming and frightening – moving unnoticed between a sweet youngster and an unexpected aggressive attack. So it made sense that Gaga would study Bates ’performance, since The Countess is a modern and feminine version of a similar duality – switching between courtship and violence.

Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter in ‘Silence of the Lambs’

Anthony Hopkins’ s Hannibal Lecter is a cannibalistic serial killer in The silence of the lambs. So there’s one immediately obvious connection to Gaga’s character AHS. Both the Countess and Lecter feed their victims. And, it is easy to imagine Lady Gaga delivering a scene similar to the fava beans that many remember. Silence, in which the killer talks about preparing food with a victim’s liver as the main course.

However, it is Hopkin ‘s menacing view – a man who seems to be looking through the camera and into the viewer’ s soul – that makes his performance inspiring. ‘chill. This is a scene that seems to be sitting with Gaga as he discovers the Countess’ sense of rest for an oral fight.

Gaga also investigates a three-time murderer suspected of Robert Durst of ‘The Jinx’

An Jinx, unlike the films above, it was based on the true story of an American estate heir and the suspected serial killer Robert Durst. Gary Napoli showed a version of the man in HBO miniseries, An Jinx.

In the six-part documentary series The Durst was real, as well as actors portraying the man, and is based on about a decade of exploration. Durst was never convicted. So such a man gave Gaga a different perspective – an outside world full of fiction and into a less cut-off and dry world, guilty of real crime.

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