‘Family Matters’: Why Did Judy Winslow Disappear From the Show?

A spinoff de Perfect stranger, Family Matters it became one of the most popular partners in the ’90s. Based in Chicago, the series followed the Winslow family, policeman Carl Winslow (Reginald VelJohnson), his wife Harriette (Jo Marie Payton), teenage son and daughter, Eddie (Darius McCrary) and Laura (Kellie Williams) and their youngest daughter Judy (Jaimee Foxworth).

Eventually, the series expanded to include Steve Urkel (Jaleel White), the family’s nerdy neighbor. But, for years, there has been a mystery about Judy’s character. She disappeared in Season 4.

Carl 'Family Matters' Carl (Reginald VelJohnson).  Jaimee Foxworth (Judy) and Kellie S. Williams (Laura
Carl ‘Family Matters’ Carl (Reginald VelJohnson). Jaimee Foxworth (Judy) and Kellie S. Williams (Laura) Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Walt Disney Photo Archives / Television via Getty Images

‘Family Matters’ was a love partner in the’ 90s

While the series was supposed to focus specifically on the Winslow family, it eventually became a Steve Urkel show. For nine seasons. White, who played a nerdy neighbor next door at the Winslows, was always getting into hijinks and nonsense and trying to name his love for Laura.

By the end of the run, there was even a science fiction element connected in the series with Steve’s time machine and his transformation to Stefan.

Jamie Foxworth says she was not invited to the Family Matters reunion

In 2017, the team of Family Matters back to celebrate the show with Entertainment Weekly. However, Foxworth was no longer available. It turns out that the actor was never invited to the reunion. At the time, Foxworth told The Root that she only found out about the celebration through former co-star Shawn Harrison, who painted Waldo.

“I was not invited. I was not contacted. Shawn texted me two days before it was released, ”said Foxworth The Root. “He asked if anyone had contacted me, and he just wanted to let me know that EW had contacted them to make a reunion cover. And he just didn’t want to surprise me when he came out. The people in the picture are more important than the picture itself. He was a frontman from Entertainment Weekly. I don’t think there’s a good explanation. If they want to use adult films as a cause, I’m not the first to make adult films and not the last. ”

This is why Judy Winslow disappeared from the show

Fans of the series remind us to be upset when Judy left after a show in Season 4. In the program titled “Mama’s Wedding,” Judy goes to the her room after being punished and she will never be seen or heard again. In fact, Family Matters in action like she never was.

“The producers felt they could do it, and nobody would notice. They were made with previous shows they had. They figured no one would care. My fans noticed it, ”Foxworth explained. “They figured they could throw me away, no explanation at all. Some of my members knew before I did that. ”

Foxworth later revealed that Payton was fighting to stay, but the representatives did not budge. “It affected my self-esteem as an actor,” Foxworth explained. “And I started to feel like I wasn’t good at my job.”

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