‘Euphoria’ Creator Would Reshoot 80% of Season 1, but He Would Never Change These 2 Things

Although the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has bought a product Euphoria Season 2 to a scary halt, the show’s popularity has almost suffered. Of course, since then Euphoria first appeared in the summer of 2019, it received praise from viewers and critics alike. The show offers an endless glimpse of what it is like to come of age in these strange times. Featuring a talented team and interesting stories, the show finds a new audience every day.

Euphoria Season 2 creator Sam Levinson and Zendaya
Sam Levinson and Zendaya Images of Monica Schipper / Getty for HBO

It’s no secret that Season 1 of Euphoria extremely successful. HBO ordered Season 2 of the show before the first season ended even airing. He had also nominated six for an Emmy, including a win for Zendaya, who became the youngest award-winning lead actor in a drama series. The team have also been very vocal about how proud they are of the show and how they can’t wait to get a chance to return to filming once it’s safe to do so.

‘Euphoria’ creator Sam Levinson would like to replace most of Season 1

Of course, Euphoria His fair share of criticism was also met. One key idea is that it is too risqué for the younger audience. But, fun enough, no one who is hypercritical of the show is bigger than the person who created it. In an interview with GQ, Sam Levinson, who created and wrote the show and directed most of the events for Season 1, said he ‘s always thinking about things he could have done better.

“I’m also very self-critical,” says Levinson as he looks back on the first season of Euphoria. “If HBO would let me, I would go back, change stories, and remake 80% of season one,” Like many other creative people, Levinson always has new ideas and finding new ways to tell his stories. But despite having some movements of perfection, the writer admits that there are two things about Season 1 of Euphoria that it would not change completely.

Levinson would not dream of putting the throwback back

“The only thing I wouldn’t change is the throw and the spirit, Levinson shared. “My spirit is what I think we need to defend to move forward.” The spirit of the show is something that Levinson has been deeply considering, especially with the downtime between Season 1 and Season 2. With the extra time, feedback on Euphoria has been more accessible to him than ever. However, he wants to stay creatively free and continue to explore the group of dynamic characters he has created.

What the creator of ‘Euphoria’ hopes for Season 2 and beyond

“It’s very difficult to protect yourself from the response and writing from the same place of creative freedom, because you know what people liked or did not like,” Levinson said, recalling some of the difficulties to be a writer. “I hope we can continue to explore and stay curious and try, until the show grows in any way. “We look forward to seeing how Euphoria growing in Season 2. Until then, the special events should be hosted by us.

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