‘ER’: The Empowering Reason Julianna Margulies Refused to Let Carol Become a Doctor

When Anatomy Gray it was still at the design stage, the TV show ER the poster child for a long-running medical drama he could build on. Michael Crichton ‘s creation was sold in 1994 and ran for 15 years after that. While the show boasted talents like George Clooney on its schedule, few characters were repeating more than Nurse Julianna Margulies Carol Hathaway.

Although she was only a nurse and not a doctor, Margulies used this position to show that nurses had power. She fought to keep it like this too.

What was ‘ER’?

Like many doctor shows, ER he showed the pressure of working in such a comfortable environment and the impact of the emergency room on the doctors, nurses and others in the turnaround. For 15 years, ER saw a healthy record of talent coming in and out of the emergency room as their stories unfolded on screen.

Although often referred to as the show given to us by Clooney, several famous Hollywood actors appeared in the show both as stars and as guests. Beginning in the Clinton administration and ending after the Obamas, the series saw many changes, not only on camera but off. It was a show that looked at breaking rituals and showed that anyone could be a hero in that environment.

However, this does not mean that the display was flawless. Like most pop culture that lasts so long ER doing so, the show would occasionally try to do things that weren’t going well and consider other twists away from what made it so special.

However, when one particular change was expected, Margulies stepped in and made sure to maintain complete integrity. It was better for him too.

Who was Carol Hathaway

Julianna Margulies
Julianna Margulies | God Dipasupil / Getty Images

While much of the medical drama emerges from the doctors as the most important things in a hospital, ER was trying to show that everyone who worked there was attending to a useful task that was vital to the hospital. daily work.

From the beginning, Margulies had Carol Hathaway as part of this. Hathaway was not represented as merely a nurse. Like real nurses, she was an essential part of keeping patients healthy while waiting for the doctors ’final word – often as the first person patients see when they enter the ER .

The emergency room Nursing Manager, Hathaway, was represented as an ambitious professional who always wanted to get to the next step of the career. During a three-arc season, part of this involved going to school to become a real doctor. However, while the show established Hathaway ‘s character to do so, Margulies helped ensure that she would remain a nurse at all times.

She finally decided against it, and the show was much better for him.

Keeping things the way they are

Like many others in the team, Margulies became a rising star in the series. As her star grew, however, producers wanted to give her a more prominent place. While this was a testament to Margulies’ talent, it may have put the show off the rails. For a show that features every aspect of the emergency room as needed, doctors as the last step on a ladder to grandeur would have completely changed, according to Elle.

Hathaway was always represented as a nurse who loved her job, so the idea didn’t sit that she would have stepped away to become a proper doctor with Margulies.

Despite establishing this move in season three, they finally decided to keep Hathaway where it was more appropriate. Margulies left the show about halfway through the run, but kept the sanctity of her character intact with this bold move.

As she progressed to success in The Good Wife, it is ER put Margulies on the map. Despite living as a nurse, Hathaway has always been one of the favorites among the show’s fans.

However, if Margulies hadn’t stepped in, her character may not have had that perfect and satisfying character to the end.

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