‘Emily in Paris’: The 5 Best Characters on the Show

Emily in Paris first appeared on Netflix on October 2, 2020. Despite rave reviews, the show took the world by storm. The TV show was created by Darren Star and stars Lily Collins in the lead role of Emily Cooper.

At the start of the first season, Emily gets an unexpected job opportunity and moves to Paris, France to lead social media for a marketing company called Savoir. The show became very popular and was updated for a second season. Here’s a look at the top five characters included Emily in Paris.

Lily Collins
Lily Collins | Vera Anderson / WireImage

5. Emily is a complex character for viewers

Yes, we previously rated Emily as one of the worst characters inside Emily in Paris. At times, Emily is senseless and arrogant, and makes little effort to learn the language or understand the new culture around her.

But, Emily complex for viewers as she is the main character of the show. While it may be sad to see Emily fail above, she is still sweet and endless. Despite her mistakes, she seems to at least be trying to be a good person.

4. It’s hard to root against Gabriel

Oh, Gabriel. Played by Lucas Bravo, Gabriel is very much like Emily for an audience. On the other hand, it is sad that Gabriel is secretly behaving for Emily while he has a boyfriend.

2. Camille is a good friend of Emily

If Emily is sometimes difficult to root for, Camille is a character who is easy to support. Emily is sometimes a sub-par friend and Camille is the best friend she could hope for.

While her boyfriend secretly behaves for Emily, Camille does her best to help Emily come to Paris. She invites her to visit her family, introduce new people, and is totally supportive of the people in her life. Basically, Camille deserves better people than Gabriel and Emily.

1. Mindy performs ‘Emily in Paris’

Emily might be the main character, but she wouldn’t Emily in Paris without Mindy (Ashley Park). As well as Gabriel, Mindy is Emily’s first friend in Paris.

Every step of the way, Mindy is supportive of Emily. She has a fun background, learns to overcome her fears, and brings life to every scene in which she is. Just like Camille, one would only expect to have a friend like Mindy.

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