Ellen DeGeneres Told Bethenny Frankel It’s Nice to ‘Collapse Sometimes’ and ‘Let Somebody Else Take Care of You’ After Show Controversy

It was not an easy road for Ellen DeGeneres. The comedian got into serious trouble when staff came from Ellen DeGeneres exhibition call out production for their toxic behavior. Now, DeGeneres is doing her best to continue her show by keeping it almost.

Recently, she spoke Real housewives Bethenny Frankel star about the recent Frankel breakup. And DeGeneres started getting very personal. Here is what she said.

Ellen DeGeneres is back after controversy with ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres | Robyn Beck / AFP tro Getty Images

Many fans weren’t sure if DeGeneres would be able to recover from what some of its employees said. In the summer of 2020, some former employees from the show spoke to Buzzfeed News about their negative experiences. And they covered everything from racism to harassment while at work.

As for DeGeneres, some allegations were made against her personally as well. Some people have said that she is completely unpleasant to work with and does not hold her staff to account.

“I think the action reps are circling her and saying, ‘Things are going well, everyone’s happy,’ and she just believes that, but it depends. to go further than that, ”said a former employee Buzzfeed.

DeGeneres has since challenged the allegations in the workplace. At the start of the new 2020 season of the show, she explained how she plans to do better.

“As we have grown so much, I have not been able to stay on top of everything and I have relied on others to do their job because they knew I wanted them to. Clearly not, some said, ”DeGeneres said E! News. “That will change now and I want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

DeGeneres told Bethenny Frankel it’s good to ‘crouch sometimes’

Now that Ellen DeGeneres exhibition Back officially, DeGeneres has plenty of stars dialing in almost to talk about what ‘s new. And Frankel recently visited to discuss her breakup.

“Not everything works out,” Frankel explained to DeGeneres about his relationship with Paul Bernon. “We’ve had a great relationship, and I’m very happy, and it doesn’t have to all end badly. Some things just don’t follow. And it’s not negative, it’s just life. ”

DeGeneres looked pleased that Frankel could go through her breakup peacefully. And then it seemed like she was getting a little personal.

“I think, sometimes, when you have control over so many things in your life, it’s good to be able to fall apart at times and let someone else take care of you and make decisions and take over, ”said DeGeneres. “That’s what we do in our lives all day run by these big companies, and it’s good to have someone you can trust to take care of you.”

Frankel praised DeGeneres for being a ‘role model’

Ellen DeGeneres and TV personality Bethenny Frankel
Ellen DeGeneres and TV personality Bethenny Frankel | Kevin Winter / One voice: Somos Live! / Getty Images

After DeGeneres explained how nice it is to receive care and support at the end of the day, Frankel went on to praise DeGeneres for her ability to maintain her own relationship with Portia de Rossi.

“And you’re a good example of that, at least,” said Frankel. “We have had such a long-lasting relationship, two in Hollywood, in the entertainment industry. It would be admirable in any world, but it is admirable in the bubble in which you live. So, I commend that. ”

“I feel so lucky,” DeGeneres said. “Believe me. To be with someone for 16 years and still be as happy and as confident about each other as we are, I feel very blessed. ”

DeGeneres doesn’t seem to be her own usual way of talking to Frankel, as they were deepening about relationships. We need to see if this approach increases the sinking of comedy.

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