Duggar Family Critics Think Jill Duggar Looks Extremely Uncomfortable in Recent Photo With Her Sisters and Michelle Duggar

The following Jill Duggar she knows she speaks her truth more than ever. She and her husband, Derick Dillard, have taken to YouTube to answer fan questions – and she has become ultra-realistic about the transition between her and the rest of the family.

Now, it looks like Jill had lunch with a few of her sisters and mother, Michelle Duggar. But critics of Duggar’s family noted how uncomfortable Jill appears.

Jill Duggar speaks out more than ever against her famous family

At the end of 2019, it was Derick who started pouring the Duggar family tea. When a fan asked him via Instagram why he and Jill didn’t seem to be visiting the rest of the Duggars during the holidays, Derick explained that Jill needed permission from her. father, Jim Bob Duggar, before moving over to the grand family home. From there, Derick revealed even more dark mysteries about Jim Bob and Counting on.

Now, it looks like Jill is the one speaking out against her famous family. She answers fan questions through YouTube with Derick by her side. And she admitted that she is taking a different path than her parents and sisters thought, which is causing unrest.

“Are they supportive? Not always, ”Jill explained. “Everyone has an opinion about different things. I feel like some of my sisters are more like, they have something to say about others. ”

Duggar’s family critics believe Jill looks uncomfortable in a recent photo with her sisters and mother

Happy birthday to you, Johannah! This girl is so fun and outdoors, and she loves making new friends. Her younger sisters…

Post with Duggar Family Officer air Sunday, October 11, 2020

Jill and Derick have posted many videos to YouTube to answer all their fan questions. And Jill’s family doesn’t seem to have much interaction with the videos.

However, while Jill may have a complex relationship with her sisters and parents, it seems she still spends time with them. The Duggar Family Instagram and Facebook they posted a photo on their Instagram showing Jill out for dinner with Michelle, Jessa, Jana, Joy-Anna, and Johannah for Johannah’s 15th birthday.

Reddit users think Jill looks very uncomfortable in the picture posted, though.

“Cover her smile and looking eyes in pain,” one Reddit user said of Jill.

“Jill is so uncomfortable,” wrote another. “Her body language is still trying to calm down and show how uncomfortable she is. Her arms are crossed and her hand is tied in her lap. ”

Others noticed that Jill is wearing a T-shirt under her dress for extra politeness, which she doesn’t usually wear when she’s at home.

Are the Duggars trying to do some damage control after Jill ‘s Q&A videos?

(LR) Jessa Duggar, Jinger Duggar, Jill Duggar, and Jana Duggar visit 'Extra' at their studios in New York
(LR) Jessa Duggar, Jinger Duggar, Jill Duggar, and Jana Duggar visit ‘Extra’ at their studios in New York | D Dipasupil / Getty Images for more

So, was Jill invited to her little sister’s birthday dinner as a way to save Duggar’s family face? Jill has been absent from family events, so the Duggar Instagram family may have wanted some control over damage after Jill ‘s Q&A videos. Other than that, Jill seems to have a good relationship with her mother and sisters. So critics are arguing that only Jim Bob is raising a big question about Jill ‘s lifestyle.

“Complete damage control,” said a Reddit user. “They don’t like to be pushed back by people asking where Jill is.”

“It seems that JB is the Duggar who has a problem with the Dillards, no [Michelle], added another. “She seems to be keeping an eye out for her own family to find out what’s shooting Jill.”

“I wonder [Michelle] whether the foam is good in this situation, while [Jim Bob] playing bad foam, ”said yet another. “A way to get Jill back when they want. Many enablers have the potential. ”

We may never know what Jill’s relationship is with her family these days. But hopefully the rest of the Duggars will get some insight after checking out Jill ‘s Q & As.

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