Duggar Family Critics Suspect Joy-Anna Duggar Is Posting Sweet Comments to Herself From Austin Forsyth’s Instagram

The Duggars have grown up rapidly over the years, and it’s hard to believe that Joy-Anna Duggar already has two children of her own. She and her husband, Austin Forsyth, look like the perfect photo family judging from their Instagram photos and YouTube videos. And there is no doubt that Joy-Anna is living out a dream.

Recently, Joy-Anna and Austin had a sweet exchange on Instagram. And critics of Duggar’s family believe Joy-Anna wrote it all. Here is what happened.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have their own Instagram accounts

Joy-Anna and Austin once had Instagram together, but it no longer exists. The couple now have their own Instagram account with photos of their two children and each other.

Joy-Anna tends to post more often than Austin. While the duo are still filming for TLC Counting on, Joy-Anna has extra funding that will definitely help pay the bills. She posts her sponsored content to her Instagram Stories and saves her published posts for family content.

As for Austin, his Instagram tends to look a lot like his wife’s wife. He usually posts photos from the same events and photo shoots as Joy-Anna, although he also includes photos of his various hunting trips and house building campaigns. Austin and Joy-Anna love whipping homes, and because Austin makes money through contract work, he sometimes posts content related to his work.

Joy-Anna and Austin had an exchange of Austin’s recent paintings

The happy couple recently posted professional photos of themselves with their two children, and Austin and Joy-Anna posted a few of them on Instagram.

On January 6, Joy-Anna first posted pictures of her and Austin to show off her new, dark hair. And she continued that role with more pictures of the two of them holding the kids. Austin sent many of the same pictures to his own feeder on the same day.

“My favorite pictures with my favorite guy,” Austin wrote one of the post.

So Joy-Anna said, “You’re my favorite! Love you, Austin Martyn! ”

Then Austin replied, “You’re beautiful, you love me.” And the pair’s exchange seems to have been well received by many fans, with Joy’s comment getting over 100 “likes”, and Austin getting almost as many to respond.

Critics of the Duggar family believe that Joy-Anna wrote the exchange itself

Joy-Anna and Austin seem to have a loving and healthy relationship. But many critics of the Duggar family suspect that Joy-Anna wrote the entire exchange herself. Both accounts posted the same pictures on the same day, and the sweet nothings appear to be in the same tone.

“Joy – you’re not fooling anyone! ”A Reddit a user said. “It simply came to our notice then. She removed them from Austin’s account. “

“That’s my suspicion too, that she posts all those cutesy comments and emojis on her account,” another critic said.

“I’m also pretty sure that Austin’s Instagram account can only be accessed through Joy’s phone as well,” said another. “As I saw in one of their vlogs, Austin was using Joy’s phone and it was the day they came home after Evy’s birth and I was matching the timeline and Austin posted a picture of Evelyn on Instagram the same day the vlog was filmed. ”

“Certainly they both have the same voice,” wrote another critic. “I think if Austin uses Instagram he will use his second account. Joy is 100% running both official accounts. ”

We’re sure we’ll never get confirmation from Joy-Anna if this is the case. But internet messengers are definitely keeping an eye on Duggar’s official Instagram.

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