Duggar Family Critics Are Shocked Jessa Duggar Allowed Her Son, Spurgeon, to Say This

It’s no secret that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are strict parents. They raised 19 children on the small screen, and fans got to see all the housing rules that Duggar’s children had to follow. Now, many of Jim Bob and Michelle ‘s children have all grown up with spouses and children of their own. And many Duggar viewers point to the differences in parenting.

Jessa Duggar recently posted a video for her son’s birthday. In the video, her eldest son, Spurgeon Seewald, names her by her first name – and some critics are shocked that she gave him permission.

Jessa Duggar posted a video celebrating Spurgeon’s birthday

Those who have kept up with the Duggars have been watching Jessa since the humble beginnings 19 Children and counting and Counting on. While Jessa is still filming with TLC, she also has her own YouTube channel where she posts videos about herself, her husband, and their three children.

Jessa posted video celebrating Spurgeon’s birthday. The video begins with Spurgeon unveiling a few of his birthday presents, which included new shoes, a father-matched coat, and a hat. And he also got some tools, like a hammer and planes, as he likes to “help” around the house.

“Do you feel older? ”Jessa asked Spurgeon as she faced the camera towards the two of them at the end of the video. Until then, Spurgeon shook his head to say “no.”

“Yeah,‘ cause I’m not anymore, ”Spurgeon reasoned.

Critics of Duggar’s family are surprised that Jessa allowed her son to call her first name

Happy birthday to you, Ben !! You are one of the most kind, kind and patient people we know! How to offer it…

Post with Duggar Family Officer air Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Fans love the interior scenes that Jessa brings into her life. And it’s clear that her children are working as usual when she’s filming. Near the end of Jessa’s birthday video with Spurgeon, she continues to chat with her young son. And suddenly he says “Jessa” to her instead of “mama.”

“It’s terrible for us to grow up, and growth happens so slowly we can’t see it,” Jessa explained to Spurgeon. “However, Spurgeon is about 44 and a half inches – we measured him today.”

“Hey, Jessa,” Spurgeon said. “You measured me with my tape measure.”

Some family critics seem to be surprised that Jessa did not correct her son when he called her by her first name.

“Anyone else catching Spurgeon shouting at his mum, ‘Hey, Jessa? ‘”A. Reddit write user. “My jaws fell! I can never think of Duggar’s original children calling JB and Michelle by their first names. I think Jessa has a lot more hands and lies back than her parents had with her. ”

Some believe Jessa was used to hearing her name from her younger sisters

Happy Birthday to you, Jessa! It was so funny to have lunch with you and your precious family today to celebrate. You and Ben…

Post with Duggar Family Officer air Monday, November 4, 2019

While some other Reddit users were surprised by Spurgeon calling his mother “Jessa,” others think Jessa was completely used to hearing him, as she helped many of her younger sisters grow up. Jessa was one of the oldest of 19, and was famous for helping the little ones finish their homework and daily chores.

“Maybe she’s used to it from raising so many of her brothers,” wrote another Reddit user.

“Having been a mother’s sister for years, she didn’t even notice when her own children use her first name,” said another.

“She’s already raised a handful of children called Jessa, so he’s probably not at all foreign,” wrote another.

Spurgeon is definitely a funny kid, so we’re sure we’ll see plenty of more exciting moments from the 5-year-old in the future.

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