‘Doctor Who’: Is Jodie Whittaker Leaving After the New Season?

As Jodie Whittaker approaches her third season Doctor Who, fans are wondering if the actor is leaving and a new direction will soon be cast. Viewers are already saying goodbye to companions Ryan (Tosin Cole) and Graham (Bradley Walsh) in the latest holiday event. But will the Tenth Doctor bid farewell to the TARDIS after the upcoming season? Here is what we know.

Why Doctor Who fans think Jodie Whittaker is quitting the show

Jodie Whittaker will be visiting the Build Series to discuss Season 12 of the BBC America series “Doctor Who” at Build Studio on January 06, 2020 in New York City.
‘Doctor Who’ star Jodie Whittaker | Gary Gershoff / Getty Images

Whether Whittaker leaves Doctor Who, it is clear that the actor will remain part of season 13. In November 2020, BBC America The new events confirmed filming with Whittaker reiterating her lead role. But nonetheless, the date for Doctor Who Season 13 has not yet been confirmed. Showrunner Chris Chibnall also revealed that the number of incidents will be shorter than normal due to coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

“In these strange years, the Doctor Who the production team has worked wonders to bring the show back into production, ”said Chibnall. “Because of the complexity of it Doctor Who, and with new and hard-working COVID working protocols, it’s going to take us a little longer to film each program, which means we plan to complete eight programs, instead of the usual 11. ”

Then when you talk to Weekly entertainment in December 2020, Chibnall could not Doctor Who Season 13 premiere date. But at least he has a release date in mind.

“Yeah, I have an idea,” said Chibnall. “But Charlotte Moore (the BBC’s chief content officer) would be ‘boys’ if I told you any suggestions. As soon as I finish it, I promise we’ll put it on TV right away. ”

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