Did ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Inspire a Quentin Tarantino Character?

Toilet on the Moor it would seem to be a bit far from one of Quentin Tarantino ‘s brutal films, however, Melissa Gilbert believes that Tarantino based one of her characters on her. She reached out to Tarantino to see if this was so. Here’s a look at the motivations behind the character.

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The reason Melissa Gilbert from ‘Little House on the Prairie’ sent a note to Quentin Tarantino

First, a little background. It is Tarantino’s latest film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. One of the little characters in the film is a children’s actor named Trudi Fraser (Julia Butters) who appears in the Western television series. Since Gilbert appeared in one of the most famous television series ever in the West when she was a child, it is easy to make a connection between Gilbert and Fraser.

Gilbert noted the similarities. “I wrote Quentin’s note and attached a picture of myself sitting in my chair, just as it was [Butter], reading a book, ”said Gilbert Buffalo News. “I did not hear from him. But almost everyone who saw that film said, ‘That’s you.’ I would like to think so, but I have no proof. If you can find Quentin, ask him for me. I want to find out. “

The subject from Toilet on the Moor

The strange connection between Trudi Fraser and Meryl Streep

Gilbert is not the only famous actor associated with Fraser. Vanity Fair reports that Leonardo DiCaprio compared Butters ’acting to Meryl Streep’s action. This caused a rumor that Butters was going to play Streep in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Historically, this makes no sense. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood set in 1969, when Streep was 20 years old, and Fraser a child. “I’m like ‘Guys, she was 20!’ And I’m 10! There is a 10-year difference, ”said Butters.

Fraser was not based on Gilbert. The fact that some thought it was inspired by Gilbert Fraser years later Toilet on the Moor ended showing Gilbert’s performance as Laura Ingalls Wilder left a mark on people. Nonetheless, Fraser has interesting connections – real and imaginary – with two famous actors.

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