‘Dexter’: Michael C. Hall Addresses the ‘Extremely Dissatisfying’ Finale and Hopes for the Revival Series

Dexter which had a prestigious start, with fans and critics saying it was one of the best contemporary shows ever. But in later seasons, it took a nosedive.

After a run of seven years, Dexter it ended in 2013 with what has been hailed as one of the most disappointing treasures in television history. However, he tries to see himself in a new revival series. Speaking of the upcoming program, actor Michael C. Hall shared his hopes of making up for that busy ending.

Michael C. Hall
Michael C. Hall poses for 2010 Matt Carr / Getty Images North America

How ‘Dexter’ came to an end

Before the eighth and final season of Dexter, many viewers expected the title character to die or be imprisoned for his crimes. But none of that happened.

Instead, he missed his death, moved to Oregon, and began working as a lumberjack. The screen then cuts to black without offering any suggestion about the handling of extinction and how it handles its murderous persuasions.

Fans and critics were overwhelmingly endless and, even years later, they are making “worst finish” lists.

After the deadline was broadcast, Hall was asked about returning for a resume. He said Variety in 2018 he had not yet made a worthwhile comment. But that changed in 2020, when he was approached with the idea for the revival series.

“I think in this case, it’s worth telling the story in a way that other suggestions haven’t, and I think it’s been a long time coming where it has been. grow in an unprecedented way, ”he said.

“And let’s face it: people found the way it portrays very unattractive,” Hall said, “and there was always hope that a story worth telling. tell. I include myself in the group of people who were asking, ‘What the hell happened to that guy? ‘So I’m excited to step back in. I never had that experience of playing a character for several years. ”

What you know about the ‘Dexter’ revival

The revival will follow Dexter’s story, but to be clear, it is not a rewrite. The login line for the show, according to Hollywood Reporter, says he will build 10 years after the events at the final and show Dexter living in a new town under a false name.

The revival is expected to first appear later in 2021, but an official date has not yet been announced. Keep an eye on the Showbiz view page for updates as they become available.

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