‘Dexter’: Fans Float Story Ideas After Revival Announcement

After almost 10 years, it finally happens: Dexter coming back to television. The big Showtime drama returns in 2021 with a limited edition that will (hopefully) make up for what fans have called a gloomy and depressing ending.

While details are still limited, fans have been posting potential stories and ideas on social media. Find out more about the show and what fans would like to see, below.

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Michael C. Hall at an event in September 2013 in Beverly Hills, California | Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic

What is ‘Dexter’ all about and how did it end?

Over eight seasons, Dexter it followed the life of Dexter Morgan, a bleeding analyst for a police department in Miami who is also a serial killer. His targets are criminals who have evaded justice – a “code” that Harry’s father taught him to help Dexter control his child murder conspiracies.

Dexter kills dozens of people throughout the show, but is never caught. He suffers major blows over the seasons, however, including the deaths of his wife Rita and sister Debra. Both were killed at the hands of murderers that Dexter had been running.

Realizing the damage he did to so many people at the finals, he is left alone, sending his son Harrison away to live with his girlfriend Hannah. He then takes his boat and drives it out to the eye of a hurricane near Miami, making it look like he’s going to kill himself. However, the audience learned that he was just relieving his death.

Closing the final round, it is reported that Dexter left Miami and moved to Oregon, where he found work as a lumberjack. Alone in his cabin, he takes a cold look at the camera before the screen goes black.

As the news of the revival moved, Dexter fans took to websites like Reddit to consider possible plot lines. One key area that the revival will focus on is Dexter’s new life in Oregon, possibly with Debra takes over Harry’s role as Dexter’s subconscious. But there was no consensus on the exact story.

Part of Redditors He said Dexter became so heavy with guilt over Debra’s death that he started killing again, earning the attention of this former police department because of the strangeness of the killings. But others argued that Dexter is a modified man (although some believe he found Angel Batista and / or Joey Quinn after finding out about his reason.)

There is also a theory that the show will be based around Harrison now that he is older and that he will continue as he is “hunting or hunting with Dexter.” But that theory has also been pushing back, with one Redditor saying Harrison is still “too young. ”

What no occur in the Dexter revival

Even though details of the revival are scarce, we know of at least one thing to be expected: the show doesn’t pick up exactly where it went.

“We want this not to be Dexter season 9,” Phillips told the Hollywood Reporter podcast, Top 5 on TV. “Ten years have passed – or even many years have passed before this air comes – and the show reflects that time. As far as the show ends, this won’t be like the final ending – and it’s a good opportunity to write the second ending for a show, and Showtime was very grateful for that. ”

While we wait for the coming of the revival, keep an eye out for future Showbiz False Pages Dexter updates.

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