‘Descendants 3’ Star Jadah Marie Says She’s ‘Honored’ to Work With Director Kenny Ortega Again

Jadah Marie joined Disney Descendants franchise for its third installment in 2019. Takes over Celia, Dr. Facilier’s daughter from The Princess and the frog, the young actor apparently influenced the famous director Kenny Ortega.

Hired by Ortega for the Netflix series Julie and the Phantom, Marie clearly makes a name for herself both in music and on the small screen.

Jadah Marie de 'Julie and the Phantoms'
Jadah Marie de ‘Julie and the Phantoms’ | Morgan Lieberman / FilmMagic

Flynn is described by the star ‘Julie and the Phantoms’

Appearing as Julie Flynn’s bestie in the Netflix music series, Marie believes the relationship between the two characters is a comfort to the audience.

“My favorite thing about Flynn is definitely her relationship with her and Julie,” Marie told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I feel like the friendship is something everyone needs. … Their relationship is so special and amazing. ”

The Julie and the Phantom star also connects to her character’s love of shoes.

“I’m really looking at my music,” she said. “I love singing and I love rapping. I feel like now I can share that with the world and my supporters. “

Despite her success in Hollywood, Marie may be positioning her site on a different career field down the road.

“I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer,” he said Descendants 3 star revealed. “It ‘s the opposite, but I’ve always liked that.”

Julie and the Phantom now streaming on Netflix.

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