‘Dawson’s Creek’: How Old Was Katie Holmes When She Was Cast as Joey? The ‘Funny Thing’ That Got Her the Role

Actress Katie Holmes was best known for her role in the famous WB teen drama Dawson’s Creek. The Series’ 90s-’00s was among the biggest on TV at the time and began his career as a young actor. So how old was Holmes when she first started acting?

Katie Holmes starred as Joey in ‘Dawson’s Creek’

Holmes broke out as Joey Potter intervened Dawson’s Creek. The series featured a group of teenagers living in the fictional city of Capeside, Massachusetts. Joey is an avid student who is in love with her best friend, Dawson. Throughout the series, she will graduate from high school, attend college, and go back and forth between Dawson and Pacey.

The series made its young stars famous, but probably Holmes for the most part. Not only was she the only actress to appear in every program of the series, but she won many big screen roles during her run, from Teaching Mrs Tingle to Abandonment. When Dawson’s Creek finally, Holmes was a popular star.

She went on to appear in films such as ‘Pieces of April’

follow up Dawson’s CreekAt the end of the day in 2003, Holmes followed his path as a movie star. She showed Rachel Dawes, the titular character’s love interest, in the first of Christopher Nolan’s interest Dark Knight trilogy, Batman starts. And she starred as part of the ensemble cast in the dark comedy Thank you for smoking.

However, Holmes’ career began to decline after her marriage to Tom Cruise and the birth of their daughter, Siri Cruise. She was in a handful of box office bombs like The Romans and Jack and Jill. Her first management album in 2016, All we had, received mixed reviews. Holmes also returned to TV in two stores to represent Jackie Kennedy.

Holmes reorganized her ‘Dawson’s Creek’ laboratory

Holmes was a high school senior when she was interviewed for the position. She inserted a tape she recorded at home in Ohio with her mother, so she could star as Lola in a production of Damn Yankees. But there was a problem when she was asked to come out and take a test. “They wanted me to come on my opening night,” she told Jimmy Fallon in 2018.

“So we called and said, ‘We can’t do it.’ And then they stayed, ”Holmes continued. “The funny thing is, that’s it Becca Bleznak Kevin Williamson said… “Katie, I only saw half of your audition because your sister’s volleyball match was recorded through it.” Fallon suggested that was part of the application. “That’s what got me the job,” Holmes agreed with a smile.

How old was Katie Holmes in ‘Dawson’s Creek’?

Katie Holmes from 'Dawson's Creek'
Katie Holmes à ‘Dawson’s Creek’ | Mike Albans / NY Daily News through Getty Images

The first episode of a series, called The Pilot, is usually filmed ahead of the first season. The network decides whether to build the show for a season after seeing it. Holmes shared a scathing picture of her, James Van Der Beek, and Williamson, saying, “This was the pilot. So this was April of ’97. ”

“We were kids,” Holmes said in his early days. “We were 18 when we started. Michelle [Williams] was 16. ”Holmes was, of course, 18 in April 1997, as was Joshua Jackson (Pacey). However, Van Der Beek turned 20 around that time, leaving him as the oldest of the group. Williams, played by Jen Lindley, was 16.

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