‘Dawson’s Creek’: Do Dawson and Joey Ever Sleep Together?

Dawson’s Creek has never been a sex-rejecting show. From the first episode of season 1, the main characters seem to dive right into talking about sex. And when they weren’t talking about it, they were either thinking about it or doing it. In fact, gender is a recurring theme throughout the six seasons of Dawson’s Creek. But will Dawson Leery and Joey Potter soulmates sleep together at any point in the series?

The Dawson program in James Van Der Beek & Katie Holmes Creek
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There is no doubt that Dawson and Joey have one of the most complex relationships Dawson’s Creek. Through the first episode, they are introduced as best friends who have grown up together. In fact, the pair are so close that Joey often spends the night above Dawson ‘s house despite the fact that they are both well into their teens when the show begins. But beneath the relationship, there is an underage or romantic attraction and sexual tension that escalates as the series progresses.

Joey and Dawson were always struggling to have a romantic relationship

Of course, fans of Dawson’s Creek know that Joey is finally ending up with Dawson ‘s other best friend and platonic soulmate, Pacey Witter. But Joey and Dawson still play the will not play again. Joey and Dawson even reunite briefly at various times in the series but, somehow, it seems like their relationship can’t last a few months. Whether it’s Dawson’s father’s death, Dawson turns into Joey’s father for drug dealing, Joey’s feelings for Jack, or Joey’s need for some soul research, there’s always a reason the couple can’t their relationship to work.

James Van Der Beek and Katie Holmes
James Van Der Beek and Katie Holmes Getty Images / Handout

Unfortunately, the expected reunion of Dawson and Joey was very short. Shortly after they sleep together, Joey discovers that Dawson has been romantically involved with an actress with whom he works. This, of course, excites Joey when she finds out how Dawson was deeply deceived by his girlfriend being with her. Dawson, then, becomes confused with Joey, believing that she is always looking for an excuse for not being together. As usual, the pair fights and eventually goes their different ways.

For all their appearances, it’s interesting that Dawson and Joey only slept together for one night in the relationship’s history. But since the heart of their connection is always rooted in a relationship, it makes a ton of sense. While some fans of Dawson’s Creek still worried that the souls didn’t end up romantically, no one can say that the pair didn’t take things the old college tried.

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