‘Dance Moms’ Producers Wanted Jill and Kendall Vertes Back for Season 8

When Jill Vertes and her daughter, Kendall Vertes joined a team Dancing Moms in season 2, they definitely added some drama to the show. Penchant Jill for doing whatever he did to make sure her daughter got every opportunity made sure for television entertainment. Whether Jill bribed Abby Lee Miller with gifts (e.g. benches, jewels, and massages) or bidding for Kendall to play Rosa Parks, it was always a riot to watch.

Former Dance Moms cast members Kendall Vertes and Jill Vertes
Kendall Vertes and Jill Vertes Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

But Kendall and Jill ‘s time is within the Dancing Moms fun and games were not always fun. Kendall was often criticized for carrying a “flag” and is often referred to as a “crybaby” by fans and even some later cheese members. Other than that, Miller’s treatment of Kendall was very hot and cold. At times it seemed that she would not cost the dancer anything and at other times it seemed that she would not really pay any attention. But despite the ups and downs the Vertes chose to stay until the end of season 7.

Why did Jill and Kendall Vertes stay on as part of the ‘Dance Moms’ team?

So why did Jill and Kendall stay on it Dancing Moms, especially when so many other members chose to leave? In an interview with Entertainment tonight, Jill pointed out that the positive aspects of being exhibited often outweighed the negative ones. Because of that, she felt it made sense to stay and deal with the neglect.

“You wait because you have to take the good with the bad,” Jill said of her Dancing Moms tenure. “And it wasn’t always bad. There was a lot of good too. I mean the kids walked on red carpets, met superstitions, won, you know, Nickelodeon awards they got, you know, sing and they have number one songs. So for me and Kendall, there were times when I said ‘OK I think we’ve done it’ and it was sad, the reps wouldn’t let you walk away. ”

Jill and Kendall refused to return for Season 8

Jill went on to say that there were many times when she felt it was the right time to leave. Dancing Moms, but Kendall wanted to stay. Despite this, she had no regrets about staying until the end of season 7. “So the bottom line is that you have to take the good with the bad. And I think – I have no regrets for staying as long as we did. ”

While Jill and Kendall had one of the longest runs in the team, the Dancing Moms producers wanted to have an even longer run. Of course, they were invited back for season 8, but they eventually turned down the offer. “Remember season 8 they wanted us back and we were like ‘Yeah, now we’re done.’ Once the ministers came forward we were completely ready. ” Jill added.

What were ‘Dance Moms’ alumni in 2020?

We’re sure there are fans of it Dancing Moms understand why Jill and Kendall did not return for season 8 of the show. Since the show was canceled, it seems they made the right choice. These days, Jill has started a podcast with some other members of the Dancing Moms thrown. Meanwhile, Kendall is in her final year of high school, applying to college, and balancing up to be an influencer by pursuing acting and music. It’s just time to tell what’s next for the mother-daughter couple, but of course it won’t return Dancing Moms if there is ever a reboot.

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