Cynthia Bailey On Joining ‘RHOBH’ – ‘If It Were The Right Time and Situation’

Cynthia Bailey may be trading in her Georgia peach for purchase sprees on Rodeo Drive. The RHOA star says it is possible to join an attractive Beverly Hills team but her salary would have to coincide with the turnaround, noting that she also needed to increase her hustle.

Cynthia Bailey
Cynthia Bailey | Bravo Photo Bank / NBCU

Cynthia Bailey has previously admitted that engaging in ‘DON’T’ is not a bad choice.

Bailey’s decision could be inspired by getting her family in LA. her daughter Noelle lives in LA and her husband Mike Hill also resides there. With her family on the west coast full-time, Bailey prefers to be closer to them.

She filmed a few programs with Hill in LA for season 12 of RHOA at his home. Much of her time is divided between the two cities and she is not opposed to changing rights. In addition to her love life and family life, her career as a supermodel has allowed her to live on both coasts.

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“Beverly Hills, I’m not against… is the truth, I live in Atlanta and I live in LA. As a reality star if we are going to show my truth, I am then with friends with many of the women in Beverly Hills as well, ”she said in an interview with Hip Hollywood.

Cynthia Bailey remains open to change to a ‘DON’T’ team if she moves to LA full time

Fortunately for Bailey, she still doesn’t have to decide where she should move because the world is still in a quarantine phase due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She describes Madame Noire in a recent interview that she and Hill still share the time in the two cities but thanks to the opportunity to work remotely, they have spent a lot of time there the same place. However, Bailey insists she will keep her boyfriend’s toilet in Georgia.

“We plan to keep Lake Bailey on the Hill, I have to put my husband in the name, but the fact is that we still have a home in LA,” she explains. “Atlanta has always been my home, but my husband and I have to decide in the end what the only place we will settle. .. we can work from home, there was less pressure in choosing which house we will be at most of the time. ”

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If Bailey decides to spend most of her life in LA, she has no problem changing rights but joking that the money needs to be aligned so she can keep up to the rich series RHOBH.

“I would always leave the door open to respond to what was happening in my life at that time. If I spend more time in LA, I would never be closed to him, ”she says.

She continues: “I like Beverly Hills, I had to work a little harder because those girls are rich, rich over there … Beverly Hills is rich and Atlanta is rich in two rich types… For me , my heart will always be in Atlanta but I wouldn’t be closed to him if it was the right time and that was the right situation for me. ”

RHOA air every Sunday at 8pm EST on Bravo

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