Cris Collinsworth Isn’t the Only Sports Figure Humbled by ‘Jeopardy!’

It is official, Jeopardy! competitors are usually not big football fans. Well-known wide receiver and football analyst Cris Collinsworth I learned that the hard way on January 7. The last second look of Ailig Trebek air Jeopardy! there was a flash of football. Collinsworth was the answer, but one contestant failed to get the answer right. The stumpy look on their faces seemed to bother Collinsworth, who made Twitter lament how bad it was.

Chris Collinsworth was humbled by Jeopardy!

Collinsworth is well known in the sports community, however Jeopardy! competitors they are not very familiar with the world of sports nominees. On January 7, Collinsworth was in response Jeopardy! question. What should have been a big moment for Collinsworth was not coming to fruition as expected. None of the three competitors answered in the correct answer.

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Collinsworth took to Twitter after the program lamented his disappointment. The former wide receiver and long-time football analyst said he was really humble when no one came up with the right answer. Collinsworth is in good company, though. Several sports stars and team mascots were left hanging from them Jeopardy! when the competitors could not correctly identify them.

Other famous names in the world of sport let Collinsworth know that he was not alone

Collinsworth may have been crushed unoccupied Jeopardy he knew who he was, but apparently he is not alone in that feeling. After tweeting about his humiliating time on January 7, other famous sports people came in to tell him they have a good experience too.

ALEX TREBEK | Eric McCandless / ABC through Getty Images

The Denver Broncos mascot, Miles, was the answer to an unanswered flashback during the show’s illustrious history. Blitz, the mascot of the Seattle Seahawks, also came into commission with Collinsworth. Blitz was not properly identified by name when he appeared in fame, either.

The entire football division went unanswered in 2018

The contestants for one of the last ones at Trebek Jeopardy! people may not know who Collinsworth was, but they are in good company just like the famous football player. Football questions are usually not answered Jeopardy!. In 2018, an entire division suspended three competitors and that resulted in a good amount of ribbing with Trebek.

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The category in question, “Talkin Football”, was the last section to be left on the table as the first Jeopardy! came to an end. Within times, it was clear why all three competitors decided to avoid it at all costs. As Trebek read the insights, no single answer, either true or false, was offered for the division. according to NPR, after the program, the official Twitter feed of Jeopardy! abuzz with fans who couldn’t believe what they had seen.

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