‘Counting On’ Viewers Are Convinced Justin Duggar and His Girlfriend Defied a Major Duggar Dating Rule

The latest is Justin Duggar Counting on a star to start courtship. He and Claire Spivey, who met back in 2019, have been courting earlier this year. But, surprisingly, Justin has been spending most of his time these days down in Texas with Claire’s family. And a recent video of the pair has made viewers think that he and Claire have broken Duggar ‘s main courtship rule.

Justin Duggar
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Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have heavy courtship rules for their children

As Michelle and Jim Bob’s older children approached courtship age, they decided to establish ground rules for dating. First things first: It’s not called going forward. “Dating” means close friendship, but Duggar’s children can only go to court with the intention of marrying.

There are a number of rules that children must follow while courting; most must be related to the degree of closeness. Children need to be subdued on dates, as time alone can lead to feelings of intimacy that children may want to work with (and cannot). Moreover, the Duggars can only give side hugs at courtship; front hooks may cause inappropriate thoughts. There is no hand grip, or kiss, and certainly no premarital affair.

Viewers are convinced that Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey have broken the main rule of courtship

Justin and Claire started dating back in early 2020, which surprised fans, with Justin not yet at courtship age; it won’t be 18 until November 2020. Justin and Claire announced the courtship just before the end of the season Counting on back in September, which Claire gave fans for the first time.

Justin has been spending most of his time down in Texas with Claire, which has led some to believe he doesn’t follow the chaperone’s rule. But, even uglier than that, some viewers are convinced that Justin and Claire are not saving their first kiss for marriage. Both were recently posted video for fans, and critics of the show are convinced that the couple ‘s keen eye towards the end shows that they have gone beyond a side hook.

“I bet they already kissed good money just take a look at their faces at the end,” wrote one user after posting the video to Reddit. “I believe we will find out on the wedding day. If the kiss doesn’t look like a toothless baby trying to bite an orange, we’ll know for sure, ”replied one user. “You can tell they’ve been doing a premarital kiss. It seems that their body language is too close to it that they didn’t go over chewing or holding hands, ”said another.

Congratulations on your relationship, Justin and Claire! When Justin couldn’t stop talking about what a good girl she was…

Post with Duggar Family Officer air Monday, September 21, 2020

Are Michelle and Jim Bob letting go of the tight grip on their children?

Viewers have also talked about the potential for Michelle and Jim Bob to reduce the grip on their children when it comes to courtship. The two don’t seem to be pressuring their older daughter, Jana, to tie the knot. In addition, John David and Abbie Duggar were able to perform certain tasks on their own, such as going shopping.

It’s clear that Michelle and Jim Bob haven’t run Justin, since he spends so much time out of state. And it is possible that they are not as hard on a pre-wedding kiss as they once were, although that has not been proven.

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