‘Counting On’: How Will Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar Celebrate The Christmas Holiday This Year?

Dillard’s family and Duggar’s family are at odds, more than a year after Derick Dillard began pouring mysteries from behind scenes Counting on. Derick and his wife, Jill Duggar, did not join the Duggars for the Thanksgiving celebration, and were not present for the family ‘s annual ugly Christmas jumper party. So what is the Dillard family planning for Christmas? They’re not likely to see Jill’s family for the holidays, anyway.

Derick and Jill spent Thanksgiving with the Dillards

Christmas may be upon us, but the Thanksgiving celebration of the Dillard family remains firmly entrenched in the heads of Duggar family fans. Fans of the family were shocked when Derick made it clear that he was rarely, if ever, invited to family gatherings. Of course, Derick hasn’t been on hand for a family event for years. Jill has appeared from time to time to celebrate selected events, such as the birthdays of members of her Buddy group.

Jill Duggar Dillard and Derick Dillard will be visiting 'Extra' in 2014
Jill Duggar Dillard and Derick Dillard D Dipasupil / Getty Images for more

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They weren’t present at the family’s big fall event, and they didn’t stop by Springdale, Arkansas ’home on Thanksgiving Day, either. Instead, they spent time with the Derick family, who could not travel to visit a family in Oklahoma. It wasn’t much different than other recent vacations, though. Thanksgiving Day 2019, Derick and Jill find parties with friends instead of Duggars. Jill wasn’t even on hand as the Duggars welcomed several new family members in November 2019.

They do the same for Christmas

a recent Q&A video on YouTube, Derick and Jill added their timeline for holiday celebrations. The pair shared how they spend Thanksgiving evening decorating their home for the holidays and how they treat Santa Claus and family gifts. Throughout the video, Duggar’s family was mentioned only once.

Derick and Jill have made it clear that Derick ‘s mother is likely to be joining them for Christmas lunch. However, Christmas morning will be quiet for the couple and their two children. They said they would prefer to celebrate Christmas morning as a small family before opening the holidays to extended family members. Later, Jill mentioned that Duggar’s family hosts a mysterious Santa who is unique to sex, so each member of the family buys a gift for just one sibling of the same sex. Beyond that, Jill did not mention seeing her family for Christmas.

What caused such a huge shift between Jill and her family?

The transition between Jill and Derick and Duggar’s family looked narrow at first, and no reason for attendance from family events was given at first. Then Derick began to speak. His father took two and a law school student to social media to TLC lambast and Jim Bob Duggar for not paying for the time on the show. He said he and Jill were not allowed to spend their lives. He also said they were blackmailed to stay on the show long after they wanted to leave.

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Later, Derick would argue that he and Jill had to hire a lawyer to get money back from their time on TLC. He told fans that Jill was only able to get back a little more than the minimum wage. However, the money seems to be helping them live a debt-free life. The lawyers reportedly intervened shortly after the couple left the show in 2017. Derick’s timeline appears to be running at the same time as the Dillards and Duggars appeared to have stopped. communicating.

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