‘Counting On’ Critics Slam Jessa Duggar For Allowing Her Daughter to Play On Furniture: ‘That Could Fall on Her Head’

Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, are parents with three children: Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy. Fans appreciate when both posts post their kids to Instagram, but critics have recently raised the issue of displaying Duggar photos of her daughter playing on Ikea furniture – citing danger.

Jessa Duggar
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Duggar’s family has had critics criticize their parenting

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar chose to raise their children in a different way than most American families. Both kept their children sheltered from differing views, introduced home education and simply allowed them to communicate with those of similar beliefs. Michelle taught all the children herself, but as the younger children grew, they helped with homework as well.

Now that a number of Michelle and Jim Bob’s children have grown up and married, critics have noticed that the children’s parenting habits are sometimes questionable. Jill Duggar’s diet for her children has recovered from the malnutrition, and Joy Duggar caught fire for letting her son stand dangerously close to the edge of a bar stool.

Jessa Duggar has three children: Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy Jane.

Jessa Duggar’s recent photos of Ivy on furniture raised concerns from some

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald welcomed their daughter, Ivy Jane, in late spring 2019. Since then, Duggar has posted several photos and videos of her little girl, which have been hugely popular. -continued. But her recent slideshow, showing her daughter playing inside Ikea’s finishing table in their living room, was critical of the girl’s safety.

Today, most endboards, dresses, and other pieces of furniture come with anchors to attach the piece to the wall. This prevents the furniture from tidying up if a child climbs on it. Critics to Reddit raised concerns that Duggar had attached her own furniture to the wall.

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“I hope this is anchored to the wall,” wrote one user. “It’s anchored with a big potted plant. That could fall on her head, ”replied someone. “Very silly thing to take a picture of… If I walked into the room and my daughter was sitting inside a drawer I would shower out and run to take her out,” someone else. “This is not quiet, it is not safe,” wrote a criticism.

Recent critics have criticized Joy Duggar ‘s choice of paintings, too

This isn’t the first time Duggar’s Instagram photos have been discussed with the biggest critics in the family. Jessa Duggar has caught fire in the past for her parenting decisions, such as when she posted a picture allowing her sons to play in a pool. In addition, Joy Duggar recently posted a picture of her son and daughter in a basket, and fans were overwhelmed by how uncomfortable the children looked. The Duggars are known to have posted photos to Instagram that critics call out afterwards, and fans have given mixed reviews to the photos in the past as well.

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