‘Community’ Alum Chevy Chase Reportedly Made a Predatory Comment to Female ‘SNL’ Writer

Chevy Chase may be a comedian, but in the last few years, his legacy has been marred by a number of controversies. Chase, who became famous on the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, also starred in several famous films and enjoyed a career revival in 2009 when he starred in the cult classic series. Community. However, despite Chases’ popularity with filmmakers, a number of stories have surfaced over the years that say that not only is it difficult to work with Chase, but completely meaning and condescending at times.

Chevy Chase will attend the 2019 Global Green Pre-Oscar Gala at the Four Seasons Los Angeles Hotel at Beverly Hills on February 20, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
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How did Chevy Chase become famous?

Chase was born in Maryland in 1943. He was raised in wealthy family and went to many of the best schools in the east.

Chase had an interest in music as well as the performing arts, and in 1967, he co-founded the comedy Channel One. Through the late sixties and into the early seventies, Chase played sketch comedy and stand-up routines, eventually traversing tracks with comedy co-writers like John Belushi and Gilda Radner.

In 1975, Chevy Chase became one of the original members of the recently launched sketch comedy series. Saturday Night Live. Chase quickly became popular, developing a reputation for making interesting ideas and performing spotless physical comedy routines.

His interest only waned when he anchored for the “Weekend Refreshment” category on the show. Chase decided to leave the show at the height of his fame to pursue a career in filmmaking. He appeared in movies like National Lampoon Holiday and Fletch, reaffirming its status as one of the brightest stars of the late seventies and early eighties.

Chevy Chase controversies over the years

Even though Chase made a name for himself in his films as a traitor, a friendly, all-rounder, his reputation behind the scenes grew worse.

For years, there were rumors that Chase was having a hard time working with him, rumors that were confirmed through comments by SNL writers and stars. Bill Murray, who was also well known on the comedy series, had a close relationship with Chase, with some reports invoke that even Murray and Chase went to physical changes.

When Chase started participating Community in 2009, reports surfaced that the comedian was disrespected by some of his co-stars – including the new young actor Donald Glover. As the series’ creator, Dan Harmon, put it: “Chevy was the first to realize Donald’s talent, and the way he expressed his jealousy was trying to throw Donald off. ”

What idea did Chevy Chase give to the SNL female writer?

These days, Chase is still mostly behind the scenes, showing little resemblance to television or film. Still, stories are still going through in terms of how it would work with the days on Saturday Night Live.

Jane Curtin, who worked as an actress and writer on it SNL in the seventies, remembering when Chase returned to host the show, Curtin was the one doing “Weekend Refreshment. ”Chase said he should be the one to host the region. Curtin admitted: “Chevy went on to say that he should be doing an ‘Update’ that week, and I said okay, and then he went through this whole thing about how which his fans wanted to see. ”

Will Ferrell, one of the biggest stars to ever rise from the show, recalled an event when Chase hosted SNL in 1997: “I don’t know if it was on something, but it was just like going around the room and tearing apart. At first it was on the boys, making fun of it, so that, when he reached out to one of our female writers, he made a few remarks like, ‘Maybe you can give me a handicraft later. ‘Looking back, I wish we had all got up and walked out of the room. ”

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