Colin Egglesfield Reveals the Depressing Reason ‘Pretty Woman’ Would Never Be Made Today and Why ‘Something Borrowed’ Won’t Get a Sequel (Exclusive)

Rom-com fans may have noticed that movies like this do not exist Beautiful woman no Something on loan in theaters over a number of years. It’s not because listeners have given up love. Instead, big studios are no longer fond of the romantic comedy genre.

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in a scene from the film 'Pretty Woman'
Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in a scene from the film Beautiful woman| Buena Vista / Getty Images

For example, romantic comedy 2011 Something on loan fans left with a cliffhanger, leaving the door open for a sequel. But it never arrived on the big or small screen.

Actor Colin Egglesfield, played by Dex Something on loan, saying fans shouldn’t hold their breath for a sequel. “I think it’s a mix of Netflix’s perfect storm coming out, people building better and better theater systems,” Egglesfield told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “And the number of people going to movie theaters started going down when Netflix started. ”

Egglesfield explained why Something on loan, or even a flagship film like Beautiful woman, they would not be made today, which is why audiences no longer see many rom-coms in theaters.

The lack of films like ‘Something Borrowed’ in theaters comes down to money

Egglesfield said the combination of multiple streaming platforms and the cost to produce a big motion picture is similar to similar films. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Something on loan off to the side.

“There were so many amazing performances,” he said. “A TV series that started filming as on HBO. And obviously Netflix and Cinemax and Showtime. Many of the A-list actors who were movie stars started making television. And [producers] i could not justify putting up the kind of money of what it would cost to do Something on loan or as even as a Beautiful woman no a How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. ”

Kate Hudson and Colin Egglesfield
Kate Hudson and Colin Egglesfield Bobby Bank / WireImage

“But unfortunately, we have to pay bills too,” he said. “So that obviously made a lot of actors work on television and it’s just sad because, man, I miss romantic comedies. I miss that genre. There are so many great movies like romantic comedies from the ’90s and early 2000s that we don’t see anymore. ”

“Unfortunately, it’s a dying species,” he admitted. “If you don’t turn to Lifetime and Hallmark. That is definitely the only place where you can see these stories. But unfortunately, they are only a fraction of the budget of the studio films. ”

Although Egglesfield fans do not see in the Something on loan sequence anytime soon, they can catch in the new psychological thrush, 100 days to live, which will be released in early 2021 on all major digital platforms.

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