‘Cobra Kai’ Season 3: How the Eagle Fang Dojo Name Came to Be and Where You Can Buy a Shirt

When Johnny Lawrence named his new Cobra Kai dojo in season 1 of the series, it felt like a real start for the character and the franchise.

It also symbolized the old conflict in the original version Karate Kid a film between Danny LaRusso and Johnny with Miyagi-Do in the opposite corner. When Martin Kove’s Kreese appeared at the end of season 2, he took control of Cobra Kai.

But Johnny found a way to start another dojo with a name that has the stamp on it all: Eagle Fang. His personality is on the way to the name as well.

How the writers of ‘Cobra Kai’ reached the Eagle Fang moniker

Cobra Kai co-creator Jon Hurwitz spoke recently Weekly entertainment about season 3 of the series and explained that they had a member trying to settle a name for Johnny dojo. The show’s writers already knew that it had to be an animal of its choice.

“We talked about eagles, we talked about lions, various strong, truthful, male animals in their minds,” said Hurwitz. “We also went back with his 80s mind and eagle on the wall of his apartment. He was raised in that old school, ’80s, America as a kind of mind, so the eagle felt strong and right. ”

But where exactly did the vampire-like fangs come in? They shed with blood. The whole image scratches at an opponent, right?

“Agus’ fang; just consistent with his ignorance. He thinks he feels badass. ‘Eagle Fang’ is a badass. It’s cool, and it won’t hear anything if you fix it because eagles don’t have fangs, ”said Hurwitz.

“He comes up with his own metaphors for the karate he tries to inspire with, how deceptive they are, and how deceptive his teaching has been in the past,” he explained.

Ride an Eagle Fang wave

For diehard Cobra Kai fans who want to walk over to Johnny’s side, Eagle Fang product available on real website for the show. Yes, for real.

Walk around in a red tee like the rest of the team or scoop up a black hoodie, tee, or mask with the screw eagle in front of it. For those with a different set of loyalty or badass style, grab a Cobra Kai or Miyagi-do product.

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