‘Cobra Kai’ Has Unseen ‘The Karate Kid’ Footage in Episode 1

We all have our favorite childhood movies – the ones that create a sense of nostalgia no matter how many times we see them. It doesn’t matter what age we are, by watching certain films we can feel like a child again. We will always remember the excitement and joy of seeing it for the first time.

For many of us, An Karate Kid one of those movies. A classic story about a poor child who rose up against the bullies who torment him relentlessly. Everyone loves a good story against evil with a happy ending. The story of Daniel LaRusso and his beloved advisor, Mr. Miyagi, is just like that kind of film. Now Karate Kid fans can watch a new series that will bring back all the joys of the original film.

Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio in a scene from 'The Karate Kid'
Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio in view from An Karate Kid | Columbia Images / Getty Images

‘Cobra Kai’: Johnny and Daniel have it again

It’s almost 40 years since Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso competed in the All-Valley Karate Tournament, but fans An Karate Kid remember that time as it was yesterday. Those fans may have been excited to learn about the Netflix series, Cobra Kai.

First aired on YouTube Red, Cobra Kai showing us what happened to Johnny and Daniel after their high school years and karate competitions behind them. Now well into middle age, both men are dealing with their own problems.

Johnny is very lucky, working as a part-time employee before losing that job as well. He walked out on his ex-girlfriend shortly after he gave birth to his son, and he lives alone.

Daniel, on the other hand, is very successful. He owns a car shop and continues to use his reputation from karate competitions in marketing campaigns for his business. Despite the success of his beautiful family, he struggles to connect with his children. Mr. Miyagi’s passing greatly affected him, and he has not recovered from that loss.

Johnny opens the Cobra Kai dojo after helping protect his teenage neighbor, Miguel, from a group of bullies. While Cobra Kai’s motto remains the same, Johnny tries to create a more honest, dignified image than the previous dojo.

Johnny’s relationship with Miguel is very similar to the one shared by Mr. Miyagi and Daniel. Unfortunately, his former mentor John Kreese comes back and agrees with the way Johnny runs the dojo.

The show used an unseen film from ‘The Karate Kid’

The first program of Cobra Kai reveals a retrospective look at that infamous scene where Johnny and Daniel watch off at the tournament. according to Floss mind, is the only film of the tree kick that we were all so fond of, but the focus is more on Johnny this time than Daniel. We get a close-up view of the impact of Daniel’s leg with Johnny’s face, with Johnny lying on the mat after a loss.

The change in scene means making Johnny’s character a little bigger, showing the audience that there’s more to it than just a bully with a nose. The film also confirms the impact the case had on his life, starting a spiral that still suffers nearly 40 years later.

‘Cobra Kai’ Video Game

While you wait for season three of Cobra Kai, you can fill the gap by playing the video game. Yes, you heard that right – yes game. Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga continues released this fall for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Ralph Macchio and William Zabka build their characters.

IGN says the side-scrolling game is like that Double dragon, and two players can fight through a variety of tricky lies. Players can choose from eight characters and work their way through 28 story messages.

There are classic boss fights and loads of upgrades, along with skill trees. To reveal the final finale, players must complete both Miyagi-Do arcs and Cobra Kai dojo.

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