‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’: 4 Ways Sabrina Could Have Come Back

Cooling Sabrina events fans are well aware that season 4 marked the end of Netflix.

When the cancellation was announced in July, presenter Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa confirmed that part 4 must be the final finish of the unofficial series for the Spellman witch, her coven, and her friends.

While it is true that Sabrina ‘s adventures can be traced through the Aguirre – Sacasa comic book series, the story arc seen in this regular season has left enough to capture the imagination. as to how he could get the main character out of her last curtain call – just unknowingly. If the show continues, here are a few ideas on who to visit.

Who is Trinket Man?

Always around just when someone needed it, the Trinket Man had interesting deposits of magic stuff. It would not be unreasonable to think that he has anything that could resurrect Sabrina 1 and 2, or travel to the time of “Sweet Hereafter,” or even resume.

Who is it though? God? Mortal? Celestial? A version of HP Lovecraft? We will never find out, but something tells us that he would have reappeared and offered a solution if season 5 had happened.

Baran Samedi

Towards the end of season 4, the witch Marie manifested herself as a sort of Baron Samedi, the Haitian loa. Traditionally, this top-hat theology monitors death, resurrection and healing. Probably if it is CAOS following, Auntie Zelda would have found a way to forgive the old god and asked for favor in reviving his dead daughter.

Like Marie, Baron Samedi was invested in the success of the witches and willing to work closely with Ross, Prudence, and the rest of the contract. There is an established link that can be easily booned.

Cain Pit

Some fans have mentioned the Cain Pit as a possible way to bring Sabrina back, but that way is dubious given the witches’ relationship with Hell and the Dark Lord.

They parted ties and turned to Hekate, but who knows what Lilith would have been able to work out on behalf of one or both Sabrinas if the girls had been buried in the family Cain plot?

Hekate / Hecate

The goddess of the cairn ruling is defined as the rule of witchcraft, crossroads, birth / fertility, and the moon, but what about death? It is also associated with death, darkness, rebirth and resurrection, and is older than Olympic gods.

In the last program of CAOS, Zelda commented on Hekate ‘s image asking why she did not save Sabrina from death. Season 5 might have answered that question and started the long, magical process of bringing Sabrina back from the other side.

Those closing scenes at the final may have made many fans cry, but part of the fandom should be that if the series went ahead, Greendale would welcome it. teenage witch returns to the land of the living.

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