‘Chicago Fire’: Is Actor Randy Flagler a Real Firefighter?

Chicago is a city famous for many things. They have their loaded hot dogs, Sears Tower, deep-dish pizza, and of course, windy weather, just to name a few. However, over the past few years, the city has carved out a unique place within the television industry. Chicago has been the home and backdrop of several television series. Shameless it was well-known and popular for its connections on the South, but as of 2012, it was no longer one of the only series to degrade its Windy City status.

NBC broadcast Fire Chicago that year, and the so-called “Chicago franchise” network eventually began. Chicago PD. was first published in 2014 and Chicago Med officially launched just a few years later. Each series is unique and engaging in its own way, however Fire Chicago he seems to like a fan.

Randy Flagler turned as Capp, to the side in front of a smoky backdrop, on 'Chicago Fire'
Randy Flagler as Cheap Portraits of Elizabeth Morris / Getty

A Closer Look at ‘Chicago Fire’

Quarter 9 of Fire Chicago just aired, and it’s safe to say that fans and viewers have seen their fair share of drama, cliffhangers, and, of course, heat. The show is based around Firehouse 51 of the Chicago Fire Department and the belief that fighting fires together makes them family. Kelly Severide, Matthew Casey, Gabriela Dawson, and CEO Wallace Boden are just among the loving characters that the audience has experienced and loved over the years. When the characters are not putting out fires and saving lives they are often seen at Molly going down or following their latest love interest. Fire Chicago in fact it has it all, and that even includes real and genuine firefighters.

Are there real firefighters on ‘Chicago Fire’?

Countless talented actors have shared their talents and skills on screen when it comes to the production process. That’s not to say that listeners and viewers everywhere are very grateful, but it’s like some of the people who appear on it Fire Chicago maybe a leg up. Believe it or not, Tony Ferraris is actually playing himself on the series. Ferraris started the role as an extra, but that quickly changed when it became clear that he was a fan favorite. The proven and truthful firefighter has been in almost every program, and it would not be in any other way. However, there are many fans and spectators Fire Chicago asking if Ferraris is the only one.

Is actor Randy Flagler from NBC’s ‘Chicago Fire’ a real firefighter?

Actor Harold Capp is played by Randy Flagler Fire Chicago, and some viewers have noticed that it is quite natural when it comes to his acting career. One fan started a Reddit debating and writing, “I’m not sure if this has been said before, but it seems that 95% of what Capp says is not written. Like the stuff he’s coming up he looks too good compared to the rest of the character scripts… but then again that’s just his character. ”

Well, honestly, that seems to be just his character. Randy Flagler, according to IMDb, has been working for decades, appearing on shows such as NYPD Gorm and The young and the rest. Despite his lack of real-life firefighting experience, it is clear that real on-set firefighters are advising the throw adds to Flagler’s performance accuracy.

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