Chase Stokes’ Plea To ‘Outer Banks’ Fans

Chase Stokes gained fame overnight thanks to his lead role in the Netflix series Outside banks. Now that it is all over, Stokes is using his social media as a platform to promote marriage. He recently applied Outside banks fans to embrace this practice in the new year.

Chase Stokes as John B.
Chase Stokes | Netflix

Chase Stokes understands the impact on ‘Outer Banks’ fans

Although Stokes has previously worked on several other acting projects Outside banks, is now highly regarded for his role as the heartthrob of John B.

“Being inside [the heartthrob] the division is terrible, ”said Stokes TMRW. It goes along with such other Netflix hearts as To all the boys I loved so muchCentineo ‘s Noah and Dumplin‘s Luke Benward.

Given the incredible nature of playing the romantic direction in a popular series, Stokes understands the level of responsibility that comes with it. Plus, he hopes fans are finding out more Outside banks than his good looks.

For Chase Stokes, ‘Outer Banks’ is about friendship and nurturing meaningful relationships outside of social media

Outside banks it may be an adventure story about a group of friends hunting for buried treasure, but for Stokes, the Netflix series is about much more than that.

“I think the most important thing [about Outer Banks] for me it’s to be honest with your friends and find a group of friends who can be real to you, ”Stokes explained V Man. “I think especially for the younger generation, that we have lost that true art of friendship. Everything is so focused on social media and our image and what we plan out for society as opposed to just being present with the people around us. “

The Outside banks a star didn’t just ask his followers to change their habits – he also offered alternatives to social media.

“Read a book,” Stokes said in his post. “Tell someone you like them, call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Excuse me if you are wrong. Let’s look for things to argue about that aren’t worth the time. We will expand a little more love today and less focus on things that are not anyone ‘s priority, and should not be. ”

Stokes signed “All Love,” leaving it up to fans to aspire to a better world.

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