Ceaser Emanuel of ‘Black Ink Crew’ Blasted Over Feud Between His Girlfriend and Daughter

Black ink they may not be broadcasting new times, but a bit of drama is playing out with Ceaser Emanuel, his daughter Cheyenne, and his usual girlfriend Suzette.

Fans of the reality show are already familiar with the tattoos of New York, her baby, and her mother Crystal Torres, and are aware that they have gone up and down again. But controversy was just pouring over on social media, forcing people to slam Ceaser and eventually making him talk.

Ceaser Emanuel de 'Black Ink Crew'
Ceaser Emanuel of ‘Black Ink Crew’ will be attending the BET Awards 2019 | Johnny Nunez / Getty Images for BET

Ceaser ‘s teenage daughter is being charged with abuse

A series of Instagram posts from Cheyenne, Suzette, and Crystal hit several blogs late January 2nd.

Cheyenne, Ceaser’s 16-year-old daughter, accused her of dragging him out of the shower when she was naked and beating him and stabbing him “like a dog on the street.” She said the incident happened three months ago and she is still hurt about it.

Cheyenne too hop on Instagram Live to go out about her father and Suzette, and said he broke down several bathroom doors to get to her and threw a speaker in his head. According to her, the police were called.

Meanwhile, Cezer ‘s girlfriend Suzette was aiming for several posts towards Cheyenne through her Instagram Stories and complained that the young girl wanted $ 600 wigs but didn’t want to wash dishes.

One of the messages sent to Cheyenne said, “U was 60 pounds fat when we got u. We had you in the gym on meal plans. You told me I wished I were your mother. ” She went on about Cheyenne’s “horrible levels” and said she was devastated.

She asked, “Who did you pick up? ”And followed a rant accusing Cheyenne’s mother of looking for a story for Black ink.

Suzette also dismissed the idea that Cheyenne was a “thot” and said that the teenager once had an STD. This is one of many statements – which are preserved The Shade Room – that stopped social media users.

Fans explode Ceaser and his girlfriend Suzette

Some were embarrassed Instagram users immediately charged Ceaser for letting his girlfriend talk to his child in such a way. They also spoke to Suzette by telling her that she is far out of line and crossing boundaries.

Many people agreed with Ne-Yo’s wife, Crystal Smith, when she said, “No or nooooooo everything about this is wrong. And he let her talk to his daughter this way? Nope no ma’am. ”

Others shook with comments such as: “Nah is breaking out of the internet killing a baby,” “Her boyfriend is a child and out of pocket. She was wrong and CEASE needs to look at her, ”“ This is sad. A very unusual lover argues with the DAUGHTER AND MENTIONING HER WEIGHT. To be okay with that is weak. Plan and simple, ”and“ It must hurt that your father values ​​the feeling of someone else over his child. ”

Ceaser responds to the fire of social media

After Suzette posted a clip of her, Cease, and their team with the caption “Family Night,” tensions continued to boil over. Caesar issued a statement about the drama through The Shade Room and said Cheyenne was having a hard time adapting to their mixed family.

“My daughter Cheyenne and I are not well used. However, I would never physically abuse him. I only did what many parents would have when their child crossed the line and that is control, my child, ”he wrote.

“I love my daughter and she is the only heir to my black ink tattoo studios. She is just having a hard time changing without being the only child anymore and sharing her father. I am doing my best to make everyone comfortable in our new mixed family, ”concluded Ceaser.

This isn’t the first time internet meat has been between Ceaser, Suzette, and the mother of her baby Crystal, as they had an online shadow exchange as far back as October. People hope that the family will work through things without broadcasting it on social media.

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