‘Bridgerton’: Nicola Coughlan Reacts to Penelope’s Shocking Ending

The first season of Bridgerton he had a secret. In the end, it looks like it has been solved and their own ideas have been discarded. Nicola Cughlan, played by Penelope Featherington, spoke about that terrible ending to the Netflix series.[Warning spoilers for the ending of season 1 of Bridgerton!]

Season 1 ‘Bridgerton’ is a mystery

Coughlan spoke Daily beast about the news that Penelope is Lady Whistledown. The actress said that her character had different aspects to her.

“She’s so big and inattentive,” Coughlan said. “In her own family at the balls… She’s just seen as, you know, a little girl – but then at the same time, she’s the HBIC in London.”

The actor also said “you can see the motivating factors” behind Penelope’s writing as Penelope doesn’t get very well treated by the people in her life. “She’s both sweet and friendly,” Coughlan said. “And dear. And, you know, a little bit of B. It’s all of that stuff. “

Netflix hasn’t announced season 2, but the ending shows room for a lot more storytelling. TV Line reports a second season, which goes into production in March 2021. But a producer has declined to comment on this rumor.

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