‘Breaking Bad’ Star Bryan Cranston Almost Became a Cop Before Becoming an Actor

Bryan Cranston sought his career as an actor. His important roles evolved Callum in the middle and breaking bad, but even before that he had memorable careers Seinfeld and Mighty Morphin powerkeepers. Since then breaking bad he played memorable film roles in Argo, Godzilla and Trumbo, also. If he had followed his first career path, he would have been Officer Cranston.

Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston | Mark Peterson / AMC

Cranston was a guest on the Gun smartless podcast on January 11. He told guests Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes how close he became to being a police officer.

Before ‘Breaking Bad,’ Bryan Cranston describes the appeal of policing

He began thinking about a career in law enforcement for Cranston in high school. As with the poem, he would play the last convict later in life Breaking bad.

Breaking Bad: Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston | Results Ben Rothstein / Vinton

“The first class I got into was a black box theater and the teacher was in charge of it, teaching these young children,” Cranston said. “So it provides those perspectives, both of you read this. Depending on who you are standing next to, that is your reading partner. I look down at the page very embarrassed and said that a couple are making out on a park bench. I looked up and saw the girl I should have been reading with and she was very funny. ”

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