‘Breaking Bad’: Bryan Cranston Once Revealed That Walter White ‘At His Worst’ Was Inspired By His Father

Bryan Cranston performed as Walter White in the acclaimed AMC series breaking bad highly regarded as one of the best in TV history.

Playing as a narcissistic, sociopathic meth producer, Cranston won two Golden Globe awards and nine Guild Screen Actor Awards.

Interestingly, Cranston revealed that his motivation for the role came from his own father.

Walter White was encouraged by Bryan Cranston’s view of his father

Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston attends the premiere of “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie” on Netflix | Photos by Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / Getty

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Cranston spoke about his inspiration for the character in a new interview in 2014 with Howard Stern.

“You said when you played Walter, at his worst, that you were making a good impression on your father,” Stern said. “Because I’m assuming you accepted that your father was a kind of decaying boy. He was very much like a filmmaker or a filmmaker – he wanted to be in the industry, right? ”

Cranston revealed that his father was also an actor, though not as successful as his son.

“Well, he was an actor for a number of years,” Cranston clarified. “And he lived the actor’s normal life, where ‘Oh this is good, we got a good – oh, we had a bad year, a bad – oh, a worse year – oh, not a bad year,’ and so it up and down and up and down. ”

His father is very proud of his achievements

Cranston said that while his father’s entertainment business aspirations never materialized, he does not detract from his pride in his son.

“No, no, he’s so proud,” Cranston said. “Yeah, he’s really proud and has really helped our relationship grow and change and sustain.”

Bryan Cranston did not have a close relationship with his father when he was young

Cranston had no relationship with his father for several years after his father abandoned the family.

“It’s not that I didn’t talk to him, but that he went through a time when the job didn’t work out and he had a relationship with someone else and he separated from the family, and it’s kind of bad , bad thing.

Cranson also admitted that they were married seven times in total between the two parents. During the interview, he shared some details of how his parents connected.

“In fact, they were more on the conservation side,” Cranson admitted. “They met in a Hollywood acting class like 1948, 49.”

He found it difficult to understand the situation

Although both parents were passionate about acting, neither succeeded.

“In those days, when they decided to get married, you’re either Joan Crawford and you say ‘To hell with my kids, I’m going to star,’ or you quit the business – as a woman, you’ve quit the business – and you’ll be… That’s what you expect. ”

After coming through hard times, Cranston’s father decided to walk out on the family and start a relationship with another woman. Cranston revealed that he never asked which woman his father had left the family.

“It almost doesn’t matter … I was completely in denial,” Cranston said. “Of course, children all over the area said, ‘Hey, we don’t see your father anymore, what’s going on,’ I’ll go, ‘Oh he’ll come home at night, we’ll play , we have a good time. ‘

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