‘Breaking Bad’: Aaron Paul Earned $150,000 Per Episode, Way Less Than Bryan Cranston

It’s always weird to talk about pay at work, and that conversation can be especially difficult for actors on popular TV shows. But with a little difference, most actors have salary disadvantages for a variety of reasons. Like the two main actors in an AMC smash breaking bad.

Bryan Cranston (Walter White) and Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) remain good friends even years after the end of the series. But did their very different salaries ever cause an issue between them?

Jesse Pinkman should not have been the main character of ‘Breaking Bad’

Fans of the show can’t believe a world without the dynamic duo of Walt and Jesse. The two skimp on cooking and although their relationship is unequal, they need each other. Walt is a high school chemistry teacher with the technical knowledge to make a real meth product.

However, Jesse is an experienced salesman who puts Walt in touch with the people who can move his product. Neither of them would be successful without the other. However, presenter Vince Gilligan said Jesse ‘s character only survived beyond season 1 because of the chemistry between Cranston and Paul.

“It became very clear early on that that would be a big, big mistake for killing Jesse,” Gilligan said in an interview. “But the idea was … I didn’t know how important Jesse was [going to be]. ”

Aaron Paul won way less per program than Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul
Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul JB Lacroix / WireImage

Compared to some other contemporary actors, neither Cranston nor Paul had an unusual salary considering how popular breaking bad there were. according to Businessman, Cranston brought home $ 225,000 per program by the end of the series.

Meanwhile, Paul earned $ 150,000 per program. Their income for the last season of breaking bad was $ 3.6 million and $ 2.4 million respectively.

It’s a lot smaller than Walt and Jesse did selling their blue meth. But acting has the added benefit of being legal and a more dangerous way than dealing drugs in Albuquerque.

The ability to earn with ‘Breaking Bad’ did not stop

Of course, being the main actors on an attractive show has financial benefits beyond just the basic salary.

While Cranston was already familiar with him in Hollywood, his work as Heisenberg helped him move from more humorous careers such as Callum in the middle to a more risky job, like his latest project Honor.

And for Paul it meant gaining national name recognition that led to more job offers, including the sequel made that was expected for TV El Camino: Breaking Bad Film. The whole experience helped him with growth as well. “At the beginning of my career I was not good. Even at the beginning breaking bad – I was fine, I got the job, ”said Paul The Keeper in an interview in 2019. “But I grew so big as an actor. Everyone saw it. “

It would take more than unequal wages to come between Paul and Cranston, who are still so close now. The pair launched an alcohol brand together called Dos Hombres Mezcal, helping them earn even more as a team.

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