‘Boy Meets World’: ABC Was So Torn About This Scene They Ran an Audience Poll to Decide

It’s been over two decades since the ABC sitcom Boy meets the world finally he flew from the air. After debating in 1993, the TV series immediately hit, picking up several Kids ’Choice awards and the Young Artists Awards.

The show never wanted to move away from the hot topics of the time and featured the fascinating stories that then included plots as interracial relationships. However, there was one particular story Boy meets the world that was so controversial, ABC and the show ‘s creators couldn’t agree on how they would handle it.

So the studio and the producers had to vote the audience to find out how best to handle this particular situation with two iconic characters in the show.

‘Boy Meets World’ ran for seven seasons from 1993 to 2000

Ben Savage (Cory) and Rider Strong (Shawn) from 'Boy Meets World'
BOY MEETING BOARD – “An Affair to Forget” – Hosted: 3 January 1997. (Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Photo Archives / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images) LR: BEN SAVAGE; RIDER STRONG

In Boy meets the worldAt the end of season five, Lawrence realizes she wants to marry Matthews. Season six begins with Matthews ’surprise that his high school girlfriend wanted him to marry her, and viewers watch as he weighs the pros and cons and trying to decide if he should say yes.

This story is not far from the truth behind the scenes.

Vanity Fair recent interviews with Rider King Strong, played by Shawn Hunter in both Boy meets the world and the follow-up series Girl meets world. Strong took a behind-the-scenes look at how close the show came from not getting the two leads together.

He says the series’ creator Michael Jacobs was fond of the idea of ​​Matthews and Lawrence getting married. However, he was immediately struck by his studio bosses.

“ABC was like, ‘You can’t do it. They are too young, ‘”recalls. So Jacobs asked ABC to ask the show’s fans what they wanted.

“This was a big debate,” he explains. “ABC conducted an online account of whether they should marry. […] People wanted to get married. So that’s why we did it. “

Strong went on to say that he believes the characters of the show married far too young. However, there’s good news for fans of the original ’90s relationship: The relationship remains strong and gets a spinoff in. Girl meets world.

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