‘Bonanza’: Michael Landon ‘Broke Down’ After His Co-Star’s Tragic Death

TV viewers in the ’60s and early’ 70s they were very popular Bonanza. The show stands as the longest running West of NBC, with Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker, and Michael Landon appearing as members of the Cartwright family.

The team and the team seemed to be doing well overall – so when Blocker died unexpectedly before the start of last season’s filming, it had a huge impact on her. everyone, including Landon. Here is what happened to make Landon break down while talking about his friend and co-star.

Dan Blocker died before ‘Bonanza’ could finish their last season

The team of 'Bonanza'
The team of ‘Bonanza’ | Silver Screen / Getty Images Collection

Ro Bonanzain the 14th season, it seemed unbelievable to stay away. NBC put it in a harder time slot for success, as it had in the better slot times of previous years. Nonetheless, the show’s creators and actors were ready to stress. But an unexpected death Blocker threw a string into their plans.

Floss mind reports Blocker died of pulmonary embolism after gallbladder surgery. The actor was just 43 years old at the time.

“After Dan’s death, I didn’t see how the show could continue,” said Greene, who played the family’s patriarch. “I said to my wife, ‘That’s it. It’s done. ‘”

Greene was not wrong. The show against their scripts was rewritten after the death of Blocker, which was a difficult task. And the release notes last season ‘s absence of the Blocker character is the lowest level of any season the show has ever had.

Michael Landon reportedly broke ‘down’ when talking about Blocker

Michael Landon
Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright in ‘Bonanza’ – Photo by: NBCU Photo Bank

Landon did his best to move forward with acting and directing some events of Bonanza without Blocker. But of course it was not easy. Actor Ken Howard played Mark Twain on the show, and thought about how Landon tried to keep everyone in good spirits while on the show’s set despite the tragedy. . But he knew Landon was hurt from the loss.

“I got there and it was the first show of the season after Dan Blocker died,” Howard said. MeTV. “Michael Landon was very funny, he had this amazing humor about everything…. It made everyone laugh all the time. “

Howard also commented on how Landon became choked when reciting a speech about Blocker after the filming was over. “He broke it down,” Howard said. “What he was saying to this group, to this team that has been together forever, is that we all know it’s not the same thing, and never will be.”

Michael Landon said viewers may not be happy with how the show handled Blocker’s death

The team of 'Bonanza'
The team of ‘Bonanza’ | NBCU Photo Bank

Despite the tragedy of Blocker ‘s death, the Bonanza the creators did their best to deal with the loss and move forward with a different plot. Television ideas noting that the 14th season was about to begin with a two – hour program written by Landon. The program was about the character of Blocker getting married, but his wife is murdered. Because of Blocker’s death, that story shifted to Landon’s character.

Mental Floss also notes the show dealt with the death of Blocker. Bonanza the creators decided to kill a Blocker character by accident. But the show didn’t last too long – and Landon didn’t know that not every fan would be satisfied.

“We try to refer to Hoss’s death simply, by passing … it may not bring joy to everyone,” Landon said of the program. “I’m sure some people would have preferred an hour’s remembrance to Dan, but we couldn’t do that. We tried to do what we thought he would have asked us to do. ”

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