Bobby Berk Only Spends About $20,000 for Each ‘Queer Eye’ Renovation

Redecorating won’t be cheap, especially when you renovate restaurants, cottages, and everything in between. During one interview, a design expert gave Queer’s eye, Bobby Berk shares exactly what is allowed to be spent per program. According to a Fab Five member, it is not as big as some people expect.

Designer Bobby Berk stands at Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker 2019
Designer Bobby Berk stands at Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker 2019 | Craig Barritt / Getty Images for Better Homes & Gardens

Bobby Berk is an in-house design expert on Netflix’s original series, ‘Queer Eye’

He loves shiplap and farm life. Berk is one of the members of the “Fab Five,” which oversees design for local heroes. Through this original Netflix series, it changes people’s living areas (or favorite place) to help improve their lives.

He will appear alongside other experts in their fields, including Jonathan Van Ness (wedding expert,) Antoni Porowski (food and wine expert,) Tan France (fashion expert,) and Karamo Brown (culture expert).

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How much will Bobby Berk spend on updating Queer Eye?

Changing someone’s house is not easy, especially when time is limited. For one interview, Berk shared exactly how much money he is allowed to spend for each program of this original Netflix series.

“My construction costs are probably eight times more than what it would normally cost,” Berk said in an interview with Vanity Fair. “You know, painting a room may take a few hundred buckets – but for me to paint a house quickly, it costs five grand. ”

Berk acquires some, if not all, of the furniture for these upgrades from West Elm, IKEA, and Berk ‘s own furniture line with ART, thanks to brand contracts and partnerships. However, he continues, he doesn’t get as much money to upgrade as some viewers expect.

“I always like it when I see the tweets going, ‘Yeah, well, if I had $ 100,000 as it does to rebuild those houses, I could good too, ‘”Berk continued. “I’m like, ‘I am desire I had $ 100,000 … That’s almost my budget for the whole season! ”

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The ‘Queer Eye’ updates will also take some time to complete

Berk gets one of Fab Five’s largest member budgets for each local hero. However, according to the design expert, he is one of the Fab Five members who works the most hours for every local hero.

During an interview with Architectural summary, the interior designer said he often works 7 days a week doing pre-design work for each program. (Other members often work around 3 or 4 days a week per program.)

But this expert has had challenging places. There was one program where he overran a church, another where he changed a fire station. In fact, he often repairs people’s homes, both in the indoor space and sometimes in their back gardens.

Fans can watch programs from the Emmy-winning reality series, Queer’s eye, on the streaming platform, Netflix.

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