‘Blue Bloods’ star Tom Selleck got his Indiana Jones movie with ‘Quigley Down Under’

It has become a well-known Hollywood legend that Tom Selleck was up for an Indiana Jones career there Raiders of the Lost Ark. Magnum PI states that Selleck and another famous character Harrison Ford were born. Who knows, Blue blood it probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Magnum in the first place: However, Selleck’s 1990 west Quigley Down under giving him an Indy adventure of his own.

Tom Selleck | Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Getty Images

Even Selleck is sick of that story. At the 2010 Television Critics Association panel for the first look at Blue bloodSelleck said, “Harrison is sick of this because it is inevitable and it is Indiana Jones. It’s an interesting story and I’m proud that I didn’t drive my car into a wall. It didn’t work out. ”

Before ‘Blue Bloods,’ is Tom Selleck IS Quigley

From Wyoming, Matthew Quigley (Selleck) arrives in Australia. The first thing he will do is stand for an old couple who are leaving the boat. He then defends Cora (Laura San Giacomo) against some of the men who are trying to take his place against his will. So he’s already a hero who stands up to bullies.

Quigley is also the best sharp keeper in the west so Marston (Alan Rickman) hires him to take the Native Americans off his building. Well, a guy like Quigley won’t take that job until Marston’s men leave him and Cora dead in the middle of the Outback.

Quigley is still alive though and is coming back to Marston runway to put things right. It’s a timeless hero story that still lives in movies like John of Wick. When the bad guys can’t get the hero to do what they want, they may be left alone but now he’s coming to get you.

Before ‘Blue Bloods’ Tom Selleck kicked the west

Selleck was done The Shadow Riders in 1982 but Quigley Down under apparently paving the way for Selleck to do more westerns on TV with him Last stand at Saber River and Crossfire Trail. Quigley Down under he performed on the big screen with great action. The West is slightly earlier than Indiana Jones, but it’s still a piece of time full of old-fashioned adventure.

Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck in Quigley Down Under
Tom Selleck | Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Getty Images

Marston wears all black wearing his hat like a traditional western villain. It’s smarmy and fun as it was inside Die hard, but Quigley Down under getting bad too. Marston and his men kill aboriginal children in their massacres. They need to be stopped.

Quigley Down under already 20 years old when Blue blood started and is 30 as the show enters its 11th. Fans of the show and Selleck should definitely check out this movie. Quigley should have the right to vote. You could send it anywhere for further events.

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