‘Blue Bloods’: Frank Struggles After Joe Hill’s Secret Is Discovered

This week on Blue blood, Frank (Tom Selleck) is having a hard time after discovering Joe Hill ‘s identity. Here ‘s what Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows about the upcoming program.

What Happens During Season 11 ‘Blue Bloods’, Episode 3

Will Hochman and Tom Selleck on the set of 'Blue Bloods' |  John Paul Filo / CBS through Getty Images
Will Hochman and Tom Selleck on the set of ‘Blue Bloods’ | John Paul Filo / CBS through Getty Images

During season 11, program 3 (entitled “Atonement”), we see what happens after the public learns that Joe Hill (Will Hochman) is a relative of the Reagans. Now that the secret is out, it will have a huge impact on the families involved.

Frank is having a hard time because he wants to protect his grandson from the sudden attention. Joe says he doesn’t like to be stressed, even at birthday parties. “It feels like all my attention is just for being me,” he told Frank at program 3 (entitled “In the Name of the Father”).

Frank understands exactly what Joe is going through because his late son, Joe Reagan, went through the same thing. Frank mentioned in program 3 that his son first wanted to be Joe Connor when he was entering the police academy (his middle name is Connor). However, he then decided to go against the music and use the name Reagan.

“I guess it felt like foam, it would stand in our shadow or in our attention,” Frank explained. Frank wants to help Joe, but he tries his best to keep his pace and let his own battles fight.

Danny and Jamie fight

A woman hits the edge about pushing her father downstairs, but Jamie ignores. The plot vibrates when Danny tells Jamie more information about the case. Jamie is getting sad because he put pressure on the woman as she entered the field earlier. Jamie said he did not take her seriously and did not write a report at all.

When Jamie asked the woman how she knew someone was pushing her father downstairs, she said God had told her. However, the woman’s story explores. Danny informs Jamie that there is video evidence of the man being pushed. Since the man’s death, it is now a murder case.

Danny and Jamie approach their work in different ways. This becomes apparent when the brothers are asked to solve the man’s murder. It’s no secret that Danny has a problem with authority. Jamie, on the other hand, prefers to follow the rules. Danny usually fights with everyone he works with, so this is no surprise.

Frank and Erin talk about Joe Hill

Frank is worried about Joe now that everyone knows he’s Reagan. At lunchtime with Erin, he expresses his concern. Since he doesn’t know Joe very well, he can’t really tell how suddenly he gets his attention.

Frank is worried about how this will turn out. Will Joe crack under pressure? Will it go back to being cold and distant? We wouldn’t be surprised if Paula comes down to Frank’s office again and blames him for what happened.

Blue Bloods hits Friday on CBS at 10:00 pm Eastern time.

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