‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Think Joe Hill Will Never Part of the Reagan Family

Blue blood it surprised fans that Reagan’s grandson was there when Joe Hill walked into the family dinner. The late son of the late Joe Reagan was an unexpected addition to the Reagan, but they have accepted it nonetheless. While the Reagans have tried to welcome him, fans are not so sure he feels comfortable enough with the family.

Will Hochman as Joe Hill | John Paul Filo / Getty Images

Who is Joe Hill?

Joe is a detective with the NYPD. He was introduced to the show at the end of his tenth season as part of the Reagan family. The tenth season was covered in a big shave that introduced Sean to the discovery of his first cousin that no one knew about. Fans find out more about the baby when Paula, Joe’s mother, comes to Frank to tell him about how Joe is. Paula tells Frank that before Joe Reagan died, she was pregnant. She admitted that she did not let the senior Joe know since she thought their relationship was not so bad, which is why Paula did not see it as a necessary thing to bring into her father’s family.

Frank broke the news of Joe to his family. After much discussion with the Reagans and Paula, she reconsidered her decision not to ask Joe to meet the rest of the family. The program ended with Joe arriving at the family dinner and introducing himself to the rest of the family.

Joe’s arrival surprised Reagan’s followers and family; Tom Selleck himself was also shocked when he learned that Blue blood including Joe. He said it was emotionally interesting. The actor who brings Joe to life is called Will Hochman. Hochman has appeared in several other films, including Love and let it go.

Will things change now that Joe has arrived?

Undoubtedly the Reagans have gone through a lot, however, with Joe’s recent additions to the family, he seems to be here to fill the gap. Joe is an NYPD detective, who adds more drama to the family. As part of a family full of law enforcement members, Joe’s view of his work will no doubt change. His father could have caused more cases for the recent addition of the Reagan family. Joe’s work is very dangerous, and some fans think that the show’s writers could kill Joe as a father. While this theory is nothing but profiteering with fans of the show, viewers need to see how the show treats Joe as the series progresses.

Fans would like Joe to warm up for the Reagans

Joe never knew about his family until he came to the Reagans weekly family dinner. Although he is a bloody Reagan, he was not part of the family, which may have looked unstable. When his mother gave birth to him, she named him Joseph Hill in honor of Joe Reagan. She did, however, maintain that he maintains the Hill surname.

She also told Frank not to make Joe one of “your own,” meaning she would rather stay on Hill than Reagan. Although Joe got a seat at the Reagan family dinner, fans continue Twitter feeling like he always feels like an outsider. Some fans, however, believe it is just a matter of time before Joe warms up to the Reagans and grows into one of them.

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