‘Blue Bloods’: Are the Reagans Doomed When It Comes to Love?

Love does not come easy to the Reagans Blue blood. The family talked about their bad breakups at the family dinner and it has been suggested that the men could be embarrassed when it comes to relationships.

There is 1 Reagan couple left on ‘Blue Bloods’

It looks like Danny got a little clue to Linda’s death. Since then he has grown closer to multiple women in his life.

He has worked with a medium called Maggie (Callie Thorne) many times. She gave Linda a message and encouraged her to stop his wedding ring.

Danny was also courting a woman at work, but they broke things off when she was found guilty of covering up for a criminal. Danny is still working with Baez (Marisa Ramirez).

Some fans are hoping they fall in love like Jamie and Eddie. Danny recently invited Baez over to a family dinner for the first time in “Triumph Over Trauma”. This was after she was injured while searching for a criminal. It was definitely a step for them to get closer. But the partners are still keeping things professional.

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